Dear Brother,
I am writing you a few more lines now. It is over 2 weeks since I got a letter from you but I know it takes a long time to come. I got another letter from Roy Calder yesterday. I wrote to him about 6 weeks ago and I am going to write again to him. Do you ever see Gillies.

I got a letter from Tommy Yates and I will send you his address. Ron Yates is overseas too. We are all well here. Pa has been feeling good this last while. We were in Owen Sound on Saturday and we seen John and Sadie and they are building a new house. They bought Mrs. King’s house. We started at our barn to-day and we put in some window frames. I seen Tom Pendleton yesterday and he is still on the crushes. Dougal is with the Parring Co. yet.

Well news is scarce so I will close for now and I will write again soon.
From Christie.

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