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Reaction to Marty Klinkenberg's piece
Tuesday, September 4, 2001

The following are some favourite back-to-school memories and comments on any of the pieces you've read.

This is the untold truth. Many Canadians only realized US is not what they thought after they cross the bridge. What is the higher productivity, when you see people without basic skills occupy customer service positions ? Where is the advanced technology when you can not pay bills on ATMs, and you have to pay monthly fee to pay bill online ? This is what an average Canadian has been enjoying for over 10 years without paying a cent. Where is the lower tax, after you see the paycheck, and close to $5000 in social security and $1500 in medicare. Everyone asked why, but only after they made the move. Yes indeed, everyone who returns to Canada should blab to everyone else about the chaotic. Perhaps there isn't a new economy, magic technology at all. It's perhaps much simpler - when people and capital move like a herd based on unquestioned popular belief, it creates the magic. "Many people would rather die than think. Many do." -- Fan, an ex-patriate who has been surveying United States in the past 1.5 years, and who are completely abhorred by the blatant lying of Canadian media, i.e., National Post to push for its hidden agenda about the truth.
Fan Yang

Re Wente: What Kids Will Learn in School. A study was completed recently which examined the grades of students at the end of their first year of university. The study grouped the students into those students who attended public schools and those who attended private schools. It was found that there was less than one percent difference between the average grade of these two groups. Considering that private schools spend much more per student (some as high as $18000 per student per year) than public schools (approximately $6500 per student per year), I would conclude that Wente's friend just wasted a lot of money by sending her kid to a private school!
Paul Nicholson

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