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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Visit for complete results of the survey.

When analyzing the full breadth of the over 26,000 responses we received to the second year of the University Report Card, you cannot but be struck by how dramatically different the student experience is from one school to the next. FULL STORY 

Trent University shows that effective teaching strategies and professors’ knowledge of course material are what count, Caroline Alphonso writes FULL STORY 

Campuses in smaller cities benefit from much greater school spirit than those in large urban settings, reports Jordan Heath-Rawlings FULL STORY 

Variety of courses is fine, as long as universities have enough spaces for students to enrol in them. As Alanna Mitchell reports, one school has found the right formula FULL STORY 

Teaching assistants pick up where professors leave off - and they are gaining in importance in the undergraduate system, writes Caroline Alphonso FULL STORY 

With professors under pressure to be available to students outside the lecture hall, the Net is becoming an integral part of the education process. FULL STORY 

Why schlep across town when you can access your school’s library material at the click of a mouse in your bedroom? The e-bookshelf is here to stay. FULL STORY 

In these days of higher enrolment, students must shop around to find a room, let alone one that’s right for them - and let’s not forget about living off-campus FULL STORY 

Students are demanding healthier meals at fair prices - and some universities need to try harder to cater to them. FULL STORY 

You might not pick a university based on the college bar, but a welcoming one can help break through the anonymity of large campuses FULL STORY 

As universities head into the twenty-first century, students want to know which are doing the best job at ditching paper and joining the digital universe. FULL STORY 

The libraries that student rank the highest in our survey are the ones that provide a pleasing, welcoming environment FULL STORY 

Big schools have state-of-the-art facilities, but smaller campuses offer more laboratory time to their students. How to solve the equation? FULL STORY 

How to live away from home, and off campus FULL STORY 

Schools vary greatly in medical care and health plans - something you should consider when deciding where you want to study. FULL STORY 

Attending university doesn’t have to leave you with a lifetime of debt - if you do your homework on what financial help is out there. FULL STORY 

If the big powerhouse schools don’t appeal, there’s a group of small but select universities that have a lot to offer. But keep an eye on
the cost of tuition FULL STORY 

Montreal offers the best big-city transit system - and deals - for students in Canada. But schools elsewhere are wising up to the need to help them out FULL STORY 

University life is not all lecture halls and keg parties. Many students are favouring schools that help them shape their future career path. FULL STORY 

It’s clear to see which schools undergrads aspire to in search of master’s degrees and doctorates. FULL STORY 

The on-line, interactive version of the University Report Card is a comprehensive source of information on the Canadian university
undergraduate scene FULL STORY 

How the survey was done FULL STORY ROBTv Workopolis