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  Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

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Conservatives Win; Ontario is swept
Seven Members of the Cabinet are among the beaten.
Quebec showed faith in Laurier.

The Globe
Friday, September 22, 1911

John Diefenbaker

Ontario carried the day
The verdict was Ontario's. As a whole the remaining Provinces voted to sustain government, though losses were experienced both in the Maritime Provinces and the West. In Quebec the Bourassa influence when practically for naught.

The wonderful hold of Sir Wilfrid Laurier on the affects of the people of his native Province was never more manifest than in the hour of the defeat of his Government. Quebec stood by Laurier, and gave an effective answer to those who sought to raise racial and religious ries. The victory of "The Chief" in Soulanges, where he wrested the seat from the Nationalist-Conservative alliance, gave his followers the best of their few chances to cheer. The Liberal redemption of Drummond-Arthabaska, the scene of the famous 'navy' by-election, Sir Wilfrid Laurier's home riding, was another striking tribute to the Premier.

The Cry of Annexation

Ontario's sweeping verdict against reciprocity was unmistably doe to the cry of "annexation," the loyalty cry and the strong anti-American sentiment existing in this Province. This was aroused by every Conservative orator, and overshadowed altogether the economic side of the issue.

Government members defeated

The personnel of the Government suffered severely. In Ontario every Minister but the Secretary of State went down to defeat, the fallen numbering Hon. Geo. P. Graham, Minister of Railways; Hon. Wm. Paterson, Minister of Customs, and Hon W.L. Mackenzie King, Minister of Labor. In Nova Scotia the concentrated attack upon Hon W.S. Fielding, Minister of Finance was similarly successful. In New Brunswick Sir Frederick Borden, Minister of Militia, is among the defeated. In Quebec both Hon. Sydney Fisher, Minister of Agriculture, and Mr. Jacques Bureau, Solicitor-General, were losers. Early reports that Hon. William Templeman, Minister of Inland Revenue was among the fallen in British Columbia were subsequently amended by a bulletin that later results indicated his election.

Speculating Regarding Cabinet

Considerable speculation was going on last night as to the compensation of Mr. Borden's Cabinet. It is regarded as likely that he will proffer a position to Hon. Frank Cochrane, Provincial Minister of Lands, Forests and Mines, who was in charge of his Ontario campaign. There is also little doubt that he will renew his efforts to secure the presence of Hon. Richard McBride, Premier of British Columbia, and there is no doubt that Hon. Robert Rodgers will look for recognition for his part in the campaign.

All the Conservative members of the Legislature who resigned to contest seats for the Dominion House were elected.

Rumoured Provincial Election

Last night there were rumours that the splendid showing of the Conservatives in Ontario would be followed by an early Provincial Election.


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