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  Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

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Swearing in of the Governor-General
Dignities conferred on the delegates
(special dispatch to The Globe)

The Daily Globe
Tuesday, July 2, 1867

Sir John A. Macdonald

Lord Monck has just been sworn in as governor of the Dominion.

Chief Justice Draper administered the oaths. Chief Justice Richards and Judges Hagarty, Wilson and Mondelet being name-stated with him.

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Lord Monck then announced that the Queen had conferred on Mr. John A. Macdonald the dignity of K.C.B.; and on Messrs. Howland, MacDougall, Cartier, Galt, Tilley and Tupper that of C.B. Lord Monck shook hands with the Judges and Mr. John A. Macdonald, and the public were then directed to retire.

The proceedings took place in the Executive Council Chamber. There were about 60 guests present to witness the proceedings.

Lord Monck's manner was easy and dignified. On his right stood his secretary, who read the Queen's commission; on his left stood Chief Justice Edwards and Judge Hagarty, while Chief Justices Draper and Mondelet and Wilson occupied a position to the right. The members of the cabinet of the late Province of Canada, together with Messrs. Archibald, Tiley, Mitchell and Galt, formed a circle round the Executive Council table. Shortly after the proceedings, Lord Monck proceeded to his room.

The Cabinet will, it is expected be formed and sworn in this afternoon.

Lord Monck has called on John A. Macdonald to form the Privy Council. He is now at the task. Shortly after being sworn in, Lord Monck reviewed nineteen companies of Volunteers and two companies of his Rifle Brigade, in all about eight hundred men, in the Parliament House Square. The review was witnessed by about four thousand people, the city is gaily decorated with flags and the observance of the day as a holiday is universal.

Chief Justices Draper and Richardson and James Hagarty, Mondelet and Wilson left the city by the afternoon train.


Privy Council sworn in

Sir. John A. Macdonald formed a Privy Council this afternoon, which was duly sworn in, and is understood to be constituted as the Ministerial journals have recently announced.

Mr. Kenny, of Nova Scotia, has not yet arrived. So far as has transpired, Mr. Galt is put at the head of the finances, but the department is divided among four ministers, forming a Treasury Board, who are to endeavour to keep Mr. Galt in check. It looks as if John A. had been in a strait to find bureaus for all the aspirants, when he puts the officer at the head of the Excise in the Cabinet. Mr. Howland gets a branch of the Finance Department, it is said.

No Gazette extra is yet issued, but the knowing ones allege that it will appear tomorrow. Sir N.F. Belleau, it is positively stated, will be sworn in Governor of Quebec to morrow forenoon, and take his departure for Quebec city to-morrow afternoon. The Governor of Ontario will, it is alleged, be sworn in at Toronto. Writs are to issue, authorizing the swearing in of Governors at their respective capitals.

Although the ceremony of swearing in Lord Monck was public, yet the fact of its having taken place in a small room about 20 by 30 feet, rendered it a most democratic affair, without either state or pretense at dignity. There is a good deal of complaint at the almost secretive way in which the ceremony took place. It might have been made more imposing, and would have been highly interesting to large numbers of strangers in the city, if the Legislative Council Chamber had been used.

A discharge of fireworks took place here to-night, and the Parliament House was partially illuminated.

Mr. McGee has quietly descended from his position in the late Government; and although about town, does not appear to attract much attention.


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