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  Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

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Have your say - responses, Jan. 28

Here is what some visitors had to say about who their favorite prime minister is and why. You can find links to other responses at the bottom.

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It should not be a Prime Ministers' Day but rather Flag Day. Prime Ministers come and go but our Flag is our reminder that we are Canadian.
B. Edwards

Perhaps the best leaders we have had have been those, like Laurier or Macdonald, who did not follow and would recoil in horror from the neo-socialist Rousseau-ian society that politicians, against the will of the majority. Indeed your historical question as to Canada's greatest PM is interesting. You should analyze why people choose someone. I am sure very few have any political-economic framework of reference in choosing one over the other. Perhaps this is due to the base fact that our leaders are only variants on the common Roussuau-Lenin-National Socialism theme that continues to destroy our society. Of course your man Trudeau will win the day. The death knell for freedom began with his reign.
Craig Read

This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard lately. The majority of the yes votes will be looking for another paid holiday. If you want to bring an issue to the forefront for Canadians, perhaps we should have civic holidays for "Homeless" or "Victims of Violence". Get a grip folks! We have serious issues in this country, a paid holiday honouring dead Prime Ministers will do nada to solve our problems. I would be happier to honour someone alive who was making a difference now!
M.G. Jackson

As far as date Later January or June. There is 3rd Monday in February for Family Day in Alberta. It would seem logical to inaugurate the first Prime Minister on the first holiday.
Leanne Chubocha

I think it should be a day not only to honour Canadian Prime Ministers, but maybe a new day to honour famous Canadians. That way, each year, the schools would have to teach the children about a new person each year. For example, Thomas Ahearn, who brought to Ottawa the first electricity company and introduced electric cars.. Another year, it could be another person, etc.
Diane Monette

Why not make Remembrance Day a stat holiday? I think the sacrifice made by these ordinary Canadians far outweighs what almost any Prime Minister has done. These men and women fought for our freedom and our way of life, many even loosing their lives in the process. I think the Veterans are not paid enough respect and we should all be ashamed. Most Canadians do not understand the concept of war, unlike many Europeans. We have not had to live through air raids, the destruction of our homes and cities and the loss of freedom that comes with war on our home soil. We should be grateful every day for what the veterans have done for us and the horror that they witnessed and still have to live with daily. I think the question should be, why is Remembrance Day not a stat holiday?
Kristine Nielsen

Well I'm all for "Prime Ministers Day" and it is long overdue. As many here have stated we know far more about our good American neighbour's history than our own. February is a great time for a national break. Even though I love our flag I don't think that it should be called "Flag Day" because I think it is a disgrace that it took 98 years to get our own flag. This day should be used to focus on all the good things we have because of our leaders' and our citizens' efforts. Our Prime Ministers like the U.S. Presidents were all human and imperfect leaders. Some were better than others no doubt and their contributions varied but we need to honour the office as well as the individuals. If you look at the history of many of the U.S. Presidents they make our guys look like heroes. What continues to separate us from the Americans is that they have great respect for their institutions while we tend to focus on the negative aspects of our institutions and leaders. This silly negative approach to our country tends to be more prevalent among those of us who are "old Canadians", that is, 3rd, 4th, etc, generation. It is my observation that our new Canadians do not have this attitude (God bless them). They have seen what it is like in other countries and appreciate what we have. If it was left to the old gang I doubt we would have a "Canada Day". Finally, if this comes about I would like to see our governments use some of the surplus and hand out a book on Canadian history and achievements to each and every Canadian and encourage the media to focus on this country for just 24 hours.
Patrick Egan

I like the idea of Prime Ministers' Day in February. I had always thought that since February 15 is our Flag Day we should take this day and celebrate what our flag means to us and to the world. Our flag represents the native Indians and multiculturalism that makes our country the envy of most nations on our world. It would be only fitting that we celebrate Prime Ministers' Day on February 15 in honour of our flag. We should be proud of our heritage and what our Prime Ministers have built over the last century.
Nick Giampaolo

I do not have a favorite PM. I will not vote for a holiday to pay tribute to a prime minister until the idiot that we continually re-elect is out of office. If Canada was to have a "Prime Ministers' Day" it would just be one more reason for other countries to laugh at us. Our prime minister is a joke. I understand that the holiday is to pay tribute to a dead PM but if the holiday were simply called "Prime Minister's Day" it would seem as though we were honouring the current one. He is not worth honouring.
Leslie Chipman

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