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  Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

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Have your say - responses, Jan. 26

Here is what some visitors had to say about who their favorite prime minister is and why. You can find links to other responses at the bottom.

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'Dief the chief' because he was so colourful and he had so many problems with the fellow conservatives
Charlie C.

Most certainly Jean Chretien, he is leading the Liberals to an unprecedented fourth term. Why? Because, simply because he is so damn lucky.
Rochus Cheung

A day of Honour, I ask what could be more honourable than going to war and dying for your country. Yes, we need another national holiday, and that holiday should be Remembrance Day. Lest we forget.
Mel Sinclair

I think it is a good idea to remember great citizens, not just Prime Ministers. I would like to see it called Patriots day. For those who think such a name might be a little over the top in patriotism, I say we could use a little of that right now. It could be expanded to include authors, labour leaders, industry leaders, human rights leaders, athletes, etc. A good example of someone who should be remembered but would not fall into the Prime Ministers category would be Tommy Douglas. He did a lot more for our country than say a Charles Tupper, Kim Campbell, or John Turner, all who were Prime Ministers for less than a year. My point is that there are many examples throughout our history of citizens that have made a great contribution to our society and that should be acknowledged. And yes, some of those were Prime Ministers.
Jim Chisholm

I think it's about time that we as a country started looking to our own history. I think it's tremendously disappointing that the Americans have the market cornered on national patriotism. I don't believe Canada should follow their lead and become as capitalistic in its patriotism, but I do think that we as Canadians can become inspired to greatness by the accomplishments of our past political leaders, and I think we should be fiercely proud of what has been accomplished in and by Canada since its inception.
Scott Unger

I feel that another statutory holiday is needed to break the long period between New Years Day and Easter. I feel as a society, too little time is spent focusing on relaxation and Family time. However I do not feel that this holiday should disguise our contempt for the way this country has been and remains to be managed. If the Government is wise enough to see the need for another Holiday, I feel it should be named "Citizens Day". We should set aside a day for celebrating all the unique characteristics of the citizens of our great nation. Let us all take a moment to recognize the many wonderous achievements we have made as a society. We ought to take the time to instill feelings of pride and unity into the hearts of our children. Let us rejoice in the accomplishments of our people and the promise of an exciting future. There is very little honour in a well-paid politician selling out to big business; a practice which dates back to Sir John A.Macdonald. Although he, and other Prime Ministers who followed indeed did great things for our country, their deeds pale in comparison to the sacrifice, and selfless acts of patriotism exhibited throughout our rich history by ordinary citizens.
Peter Bolhuis

Our dollar is sinking, along with our economy, and you want to create another stat. holiday? As an employer of 10, do you think I want to pay for yet another day of work when I get zero productivity? Give us a chance to work hard and earn a decent living, don't take away productivity. You need us!!
Dr. D. Wong

I am totally against anything that could ever "honour" Pierre Trudeau, the man who is most responsible for Canada's financial and political problems today, and whose policies continue to wreak havoc through his stooge, Jean the Cretin!.
Bob Nicholson

I agree with Prime Ministers' Day, however I don't like celebrating a different one every year. I think it should be one such as Sir John A Macdonald alone. I would hate paying tribute to someone like Trudeau who did more harm to this country then good. If Canadians understood the contributions of each prime minister than they could possibly vote on a worthy one. Someone who helped to form this nation not someone who tried to destroy it.
Mrs. Hall

I received a forwarded e-mail from a friend in Canada about "possibly getting another long weekend." This is none of my business, I'm an American, but I feel since I lived in Canada for twenty years I have an opinion of this incredibly stupid e-mail. I know working Canadians are tired of paying for people who use the system. I've heard them complain about these lazy thieves for years. You working Canadians are too nice! Pull all of the benefits from these loafers, and you'll have enough money to pull your country out of it's debt. Then maybe in the future, getting a National holiday approved won't be such a difficult task.
Liz Cummings
Atlanta, Georgia

I think it is disgraceful that I know nothing about Canadian Prime Ministers. I believe our school system is totally lacking in instruction on the history of Canada. Yes, there is a very small component on Riel and Cabot and such, but nothing a little more current (say, the last hundred years!!). In order for all Canadians to be proud of and willing to die for their country, we need something to be proud of. Give us the background knowledge that built this great nation. Bring in history lessons that teach the children about the people (Prime Ministers) that helped shape this land.
P. Thompson

This poll is silly; people will favour anything that'll get them another day off. Personally, I'm trying to drum up support for Single Straight White Discriminated Against in Reverse and Otherwise Unrecognized Normal Male Day.
Mario Ferrari Pontiroli

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