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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Photo: Tibor Kolley/The Globe and Mail
With canoe and paddle, Globe columnist Roy MacGregor watches the sun set in Algonquin Park at Lake of Two Rivers.
The last of our 12-part series: The vastness of our country defines us as a nation

The series wraps up
Face the Nation: Canada remade
How the survey was carried out
New Canada image
Young Canadians see no reason to let colour or culture block the way to happiness
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10:36 AM | FULL STORY 
A new generation of Canadians are living their homosexual lifestyle in the open
An effortless multiculturalism is emerging in Toronto
11:19 PM | FULL STORY 
Fahima Osman is set to become the first Canadian-trained physician in Toronto's Somali community
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Capricious Class of '94 takes long and winding road
Brain Trust: The Second Generation
Native 20s are preparing for the day when they will form the majority in Saskatchewan
Canadians and Americans play the same games but occupy different lands
A family attempts to bridge the gap between ancient Europe and the Canada of tomorrow
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A generation redefines civic society
12:09 AM | FULL STORY 
Quebec's 20-somethings smash stereotypes and give ulcers to aging separatists
One in five Canadian children growns up in poverty — but it doesn't have to be a legacy
11:27 PM | FULL STORY 
In a few short years, Brooks, Alta., has gone from white-bread trading post to one of the Canada's most youthful, diverse rural places
City and country: still apples and oranges
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12:27 AM | FULL STORY 
Toronto's Bloor Street is a panoramic route to the mythology of a Canada for all
Four of the country's most prominent writers under 30 discuss sex, identity, brand names and Canada
Read samples of the writers' work
12:27 AM | FULL STORY 
In Pictures
See photos from the series
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Chinese woman in meadow
Recent immigrants describe when they realized they were Canadian.
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Eddie Greenspon
Our youth: drifting or driven? 
Government policy is out of whack with the demands of young Canadians, says Matthew Mendelsohn 
Mark Starowicz says it's taken us two centuries to realize that we'll never stop redefining this nation 
Daniel Stoffman looks at how current immigration levels hurt newcomers and us 

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