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Tricks and Treats

A spooky guide to Halloween-themed TV programs

  • CBC: One of the great Halloween classics, Disney's animated The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, airs on The Wonderful World of Disney on Friday, plus the Emmy-winning Boo! To You, Too Winnie the Pooh. Also Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein, late night Friday.

  • CTV: Late night movies include Hysteria (Friday) and The Puppet Masters (Saturday).

  • Global: Baseball on Fox TV has delayed The Simpsons fall launch till November and postponed plans for the annual Tree House of Horror episode Sunday. But on Saturday, Global will air back to back the instalments from the past four years.

  • The Movie Network: Ripper: Letter From Hell, a made-for-cable film about Jack the Ripper, airs Halloween night. Also Little Vampire, Shadow of the Vampire, Nosferatu, Sleepy Hollow and The Haunting.
  • Moviepix: Carrie, Pet Semetary, The Blob, Gremlins 1 & 2, Aliens and Pumpkinhead.

  • The Comedy Network: Spooktoberfest features not only past episodes of the Simpsons' Tree House of Horrors, but themed insalments of South Park, King of the Hill, Kevin Spencer, Newhart and Mork & Mindy. On Tuesday, the Saturday Night Live Halloween Special includes 20 years of SNL skits.

  • Space: The Imagination Station: The cable premiere of The Blair Witch Project on Sunday night. On Halloween, it's Pumpkinhead at midnight.

  • Family Channel: From Disney, Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge, a sequel to the 1998 Halloweentown, again with Debbie Reynolds as a good witch.

  • The Learning Channel: TLC's Frightest on Halloween eve will feature the North American premiere of The Entity, a documentary that explores a real-life phantom phenomenon. Also, Great Books: Poe's Tales of Terror, narrated by Gary Oldman; and a reprise of Haunted Lighthouses and Hauntings Across America.

  • Teletoon: From France, Vampires, Pirates and Aliens returns with new episodes. And Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School (Canadian premiere) and Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. Sunday will see the world premiere of Evil Schmeevil, from the Cape Breton animation house Virtual Media Productions.

  • YTV: The Dark Corner is YTV's Saturday evening block with new episodes of, among other things, Scary. . .But True, and Vampire High: The Mansbridge Chronicles (Feeding Frenzy). Meanwhile, Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein again on Saturday, and in a new instalment, they also meet the Wolf Man on Sunday. Also on Sunday, The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone.
  • Plus, another true seasonal classic, 1966's It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown on Saturday.

  • Treehouse TV: Blues Clues Big Costume Party, Halloween afternoon.

  • Scream: Heck, the whole channel is a Halloween channel with its all-horror-all-the-time format. But John Carpenter's classic (and still creepy) 1978 movie Halloween airs Saturday and next Wednesday. Also Exhumed! features a collection of the famous Hammer films from England, including The Man Who Could Cheat Death and Revenge of Frankenstein.

  • CTV Travel: Starting Monday, the week-long Haunted Halloween Holidays journeys through the most frightening places on Earth. It includes Haunted Hotels, World's Creepiest Destinations and Great Castles of Europe.
  • Animal Planet: Twisted Tales looks at man's relationship with snakes, bats, bugs, rats, spiders and lizards.

  • Discovery: Creepy Crawly Week is a six-part presentation that includes Infested (unwanted house guests), Termites Attack, Life Upside Down (the secret life of Europe's bats), Bloodsuckers, the Original Vampire (the mosquito) and the House Fly.
  • Life Network: Martha Stewart demonstrates how to add drama to your jack-o'-lantern, create scary party favours, make spooky candle creatures and creative costumes.

  • HGTV: Your Holiday Home: Halloween, on Sunday has fun ideas for parties, food and costumes. Sue Warden CraftScapes also offers timely tips and trucks for the Halloween table.
  • Food Network Canada: Two themed episodes of Christine Cushing Live next week, including Italian Halloween and truly scary foods (eel, sea urchins).

  • National Geographic Channel: It's Halloween Week on Living Wild next week. Night Phantoms shows how vampire bats live. Nightmares of Nature is a two-parter about the Komodo dragon, poison-dart frog and puff adder. The Body Snatchers focuses on deadly parasites and their habitats. And finally, Bats and Bugs.

  • History Television: On Monday, Houdini examines the life of the famous escape artist. Curse of the Africa House tells about a strange and tragic house in central Africa. And on Wednesday, The Origin and Evolution of Halloween.

  • Showcase: Halloweek! is a week-long film festival including Flatliners, Daughters of Darkness, Scream, Vampire's Kiss, Candyman and Rabid.

  • Star: Hollywood Hauntings is the theme for Oct. 31. Viewers are treated to a tour of celebrity death and murder sites, as well as a look back at Orson Welles's famous 1930s War of the Words radio broadcast, and a profile of The Twilight Zone's Rod Serling.

  • Prime: The Clampetts go trick or treating on Beverly Hillbillies, Saturday. And four of those memorable Halloween episodes of Roseanne run back to back on Sunday. Also themed episodes of Bob & Margaret and Cheers.

  • Drive-In Classics: Every Friday night is Horror Marathon From Dusk to Dawn. But on Halloween night, it's a triple bill: The Evictors, The House That Screamed and Terror in the Haunted House.

    Source: Canadian Press

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