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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006

Doing Business



Forget about the Super Bowl, a gold medal hockey game or the World Series. Next week's Masters tournament is the hardest ticket to get in all of sport.

A top-level course can extend seasonal appeal, experts say

Steve Johnston holds the Canadian record for holes in one. That's one way to build a golf consulting practice

Have the recent U.S. accounting scandals got you worried that too many executives are lying and cheating in the boardroom? You ought to see them on the golf course.

When lawyer Linda McCaffrey left her long-time government job a few years ago and entered private practice, she knew that she would have to do certain things to bring business to the firm.

Being the consummate golf professinal isn't about back-slapping the members any mroe. Meet Kevin Thistle half-CEO, half maître d'

A growing number of companies are sending their executives to the pros to learn the art of selling themselves on the fairway.

It's only anecdotal, but evidence indicates that being a scratch golfer will aid a woman's corporate ascent
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