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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006
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I have to say that I really disagree wtih the mood in the capital. I've lived here for two years, having moved from much safer Cambridge, England, and Toronto. I was at school two blocks from the White House on September 11 and the closeness of my school (GW Law) to the White House is always in my mind. But that being said I don't know a single person who has stocked up on duct tape or food or water. I know no one who has picked a meeting spot. I think people in DC are more pragmatic. We're aware that this would be the most likely target, but that doesn't affect our lives. People get on with things, people still go out. The average resident of DC just wants to get on with his or her life and maybe have some fun in the process.
Brad Parr

I enjoyed Ms. Patrick's comments regarding the state of Washington. Although tensions are high and the city is on high alert, people can't stop living their lives because of what might or could happen. Time with family and friends is too precious to put on hold. Bad things can happen anytime and anyday but there is no reason why we should live our lives in fear.
Francine Charbonneau

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