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Saturday, Feb. 4, 2006
John Doyle

John Doyle is The Globe and Mail's Television Critic. His column appears in the Review section on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. He also writes a column for Globe Television magazine which appears on Saturdays. Mr. Doyle has been writing about television for the Globe for 10 years.

Born in Ireland, Mr. Doyle holds a BA in English Literature and an MA in Anglo-Irish Studies from University College, Dublin. He came to Canada in 1980 to pursue a PhD in English Literature at York University in Toronto. Having done some student and freelance journalism in Ireland, Mr. Doyle continued to write in Canada and eventually abandoned writing for academic reward to concentrate on writing for a living. After working briefly in radio and in television, he began writing a column for Broadcast Week, then the Globe's TV magazine, in 1991. He was appointed the full-time Critic for the magazine in 1995. In October of 2000 he became the Television Critic for the paper.

Always argumentative, Mr. Doyle has the distinction of winning a gold medal, at the age of ten, for his debating skills in the Gaelic language. He has been widely published in Canada, the U.S., Britain and Ireland and lectured on Television and other aspects of popular culture. In a profile of Mr. Doyle published in Toronto Life magazine in July 2000, Robert Fulford wrote, "A critic as intelligent, industrious and ambitious as John Doyle should be cherished."

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