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About the Globe Voter's Toolkit

Welcome to the Voter's Toolkit,'s online source of searchable election data. It offers three main tools:

Riding Finder

This has several tools within it.

You can look up your own or any other riding by postal code, or by postal code fragment. This will call up a riding snapshot that will tell you the riding's candidates, 1997 results, and chief returning officer. You can also access a map of the riding.

Besides searching by postal code, you can browse by province. Either click on the map or the name of a province/territory, and it will bring you to a provincial snapshot page. That page will contain a summary of 1997 results and a list of all the province's ridings. That list will allow you to select a riding.

You can also call up a map of the province that will allow you to "drill down" to individual riding snapshots.

Once you hit a riding snapshot, you'll get a list of the candidates running by party, the 1997 riding population and number of eligible voters, information about the chief returning officer, and access to a full-sized map of the riding.

From the riding snapshot, you'll be able to access snapshots of each individual candidate. We're relying on them to supply the data, and some might not be complete, but it should should have contact information, their date and place of birth, occupation, education, why you should vote for them, and their political experience.

The candidate snapshot allows you to link back to the riding snapshot and to directly access the profiles of other candidates in the riding.

Candidate finder

This allows you to search by name for a specific candidate and to develop lists of candidates by party and province.

Simply type in the candidate's first or last name (not both). If it is an exact match, you'll be taken directly to the candidate's snapshot. A list will be generated when there's multiple matches.

Use the pulldown menus to develop lists by party and province.

Answer Finder

Want to find out which candidates have Web sites? How about the percentage of female candidates by province/territory in 2000? Or identify the Ontario ridings where the Liberals benefitted by a 'splitting' of the right-wing vote between the Reform Party and the Progressive Conservatives in 1997?

Answer Finder will tell you.

It's an interactive tool that lets you "slice and dice" our online database of election information. We have the questions divided up into three segments:

  • By Party
  • By Province/territory
  • Potpourri

Here are the questions for parties:

• Seat total, summary, 1997
• Seat total, detailed, 1997
• National popular vote share, 1997
• Top 20 ridings, % of votes cast
• Lowest 20 ridings, % of votes cast
• 1997 incumbents running in 2000
• Percentage of female candidates
• Ridings where party finished last
• Ridings where party finished last
• 2000 candidates who switched parties from 1997

Here are the questions for provinces/territories:

• Seat total, summary by party, 1997
• Seat total, detail by party, 1997
• 1997 popular vote, by party
• Squeakers (less than 1,000-vote margin of victory, 1997)
• Percentage of female candidates, 2000

Here are the potpourri questions:

• Liberal 'vote splitting' ridings in Ontario
• 2000 candidates born before 1945
• 2000 candidates born after 1970
• Top 10 ridings for voter turnout, 1997
• Bottom 10 ridings for voter turnout, 1997
• Top 10 ridings for spoiled ballots, 1997
• How many candidates have Web sites?
• Most common first names, 2000 candidates
• Common last names, 2000 candidates
• Most common first names by party
• Most common last names by party

As you can see, there are umpteen different ways for political junkies to slice and dice data.

And starting election night, you'll be able to do your own analysis on the 2000 results using the above questions.

Errors, omissions, feedback:

We've tried to make our database as full and complete as possible. However, not all information is available for all ridings and candidates.

If you're a candidate who wishes to flesh out his or her snapshot, send the details to:

And if you're simply interested in giving us some general feedback on these new features, please feel free to e-mail us:

7-Day Site Search

Results Snapshot


Party E T
LIB 172 172
CA* 67 67
PC 12 12
BQ 38 38
NDP* 12 12
* Updated since recount:

For details, see:
National Results

Provincial summaries:

Voter's Toolkit

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