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Have your say   Evolution of the Web

No, I could not. I do not keep a diary. However, your question has much broader implication. A mistake is made such as attaching a private document to an email and someone else posts it on the web. Should criminal charges be laid against the poster. I don't know if we have such laws but I expect we do that could leave the poster open even to criminal charges. If it is on the Internet I would presume that it has been uploaded with the purpose of being read. Exploiting another's email without there express permission to forward is dicey? I would use common sense in that case. Who wants to intentionally exploit another. If that be found to be the case, I think that again, the poster is open to a lawsuit. By the way, I am not a lawyer.
Murray Doner

No. I would not put my diary on the Web, and no I would not be interested in reading someone else's. What's the point? My diary is about me, who wants to read about me? Why would I want to read about someone else's "me"?

No, I would not. Why should I trust a third party to keep my privacy secure when companies who provide this and similar online services have proven time and again that they are subject to security breeches and many do not honour their privacy agreements? The one exception is online banking. For online purchasing I use a specific credit card with a low limit to protect myself. When it comes to online - consumer beware and trust no one.
Alister Sutherland

Why not, everything else is on it. Come to think about it, who would read it? With the huge amount of stuff that is on it, another diary would be nothing.
Ben Barr

I would if it were interesting. But if it puts me to sleep, do I choose to put Western Civilization into a doze? Most websites are unreadable. Happily most personal websites are visual constructions of dubious quality. Except for nude diarists of the female persuasion, and if provided with suitable genes by prior generations. But blogs? There we have the genius of electronic progress. Blogs have stuff to say. Usually they are so personal, so eccentric, so wall-reflective, so askew and askance and so wildly original that, indeed, the Internet thereby justifies itself. I cease now because that is the sum total of what I have to say in my life. Henceforth into my website to put up funny visuals.
The Tatler

Of course, I've been doing for years at a Canada's web critique authority. Why wouldn't we do otherwise following off of First class BBS such as MAGIC?
Jim Carruthers

I need to organize myself to feel comfortable doing that, but I have a Blog ready to go when I do. I currently read several others, most notably Dave Winer's Scripting News.
David Nobbs

I would put my diary online if for example it was my travel diary as opposed to my daily thoughts diary. My travel diary could provide interesting insights to the many places in the world that I have visited, whereas my personal diary contains too many of my private, innermost thoughts.

I just started a weblog at, a website I manage. It's a niche site, directed at adult piano students. I started the blog to record my progress, feelings, etc. in regard to my upcoming RCM Grade 9 piano exam. Piano exams are a particular terror of mine and I thought it might be useful to readers, some of whom may also be on the exam track, to follow my preparations. And yes, I have read a great many other blogs, some of which I have found fascinating, amusing, and thought-provoking.
Kelly Henderson
Content Manager

Duh, of course not.

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