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A four-part series

Is humanity's assault on the environment so severe that we are sealing our own fate? Travel with Alanna Mitchell, the Globe and Mail's award-winning earth-sciences reporter, to the Middle East, Western Canada, the High Arctic and the South American jungle as she assesses the species' prospects for survival.

Saturday, June 2: Intro | At least the dinosaurs had an excuse
Monday, June 4: The growing thirst
Tuesday, June 5: The big heat
Wednesday, June 6: A glimmer of hope

Discussion Forum
Are we really facing the end of the world as we know it?
Join Alanna Mitchell on Wednesday, June 6th at noon EDT to discuss the issues.

Wednesday, June 6

The man with a plan to save the planet
Russell Mittermeier doesn't believe that life on Earth is doomed, but the clock is ticking. To conclude this series, the dynamic scientist and president of Conservation International takes Alanna Mitchell deep into South America's equatorial rain forest to demonstrate that, despite all the damage humanity has done, Homo sapiens can mend its ways and co-exist with nature.

Why the stars come out
Conservation International has attracted some very high-profile supporters, including an active board of directors that includes media czar Barry Diller, Gordon Moore, chairman emeritus of Silicon Valley's Intel Corp., and perhaps best known of all, actor Harrison Ford.

Cool heads and ... hot spots
From the rare and fearsome harpy eagle to the tiniest tree gecko, the people of Suriname have decided to preserve their species-rich wilderness for future generations by rejecting large-scale resource extraction that doesn't take into account its impact on nature.

Tuesday, June 5

How the North is getting burned
If you doubt global warming is serious, visit the Arctic with ALANNA MITCHELL. At first, the big melt confused the people of Sachs Harbour, who found themselves suddenly catching salmon and spotting bizarre bird species from the south. But now they're worried -- the rising temperatures are wreaking havoc with the environment and with their way of life.

Monday, June 4

The world's `single biggest threat'
Water - Canadians may take it for granted, but some countries will do almost anything to ensure an adequate supply. The Death Wish series resumes with Alanna Mitchell braving the heat of the Jordanian desert to visit Azraq, the legendary oasis that humanity bled dry.

Saturday, June 2

Death Wish
The human race looks like it's going the way of the dinosaurs: We're driving ourselves to extinction. Starting today, in a dramatic series of articles, Globe and Mail reporter Alanna Mitchell goes to the world's environmental disaster zones to find out just how desperate the situation is - and what might save us from ourselves.

At least the dinosaurs had an excuse
World-renowned Canadian has a fascinating new theory to explain why the great prehistoric beasts died out - and he can't help but wonder whether humanity will share their fate. Philip Currie shares his findings with Alanna Mitchell.

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