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Ready to work abroad?
Giant cockroaches are just one of the hazards of a foreign assignment that people aren't prepared for

Cross-cultural etiquette 101
For international business travellers, a misused chopstick can kill a big deal

Travellers pack for safety, speed and efficiency
Heightened security, tougher regulations mean new trends in luggage choices.

Squeezed budgets boost use of on-line booking tools
Corporate Web-based programs cut travel agent fees, push employees to cheapest flights, car rentals and hotel rooms.

Hotel suites do double duty for executives
Business travellers book private rooms, avoid traditional spaces to woo customers.

The Sound of Silence
A traveller's nightmare: You check into your hotel room only to be subjected to the cacophony of your boisterous neighbours. If relocation is out of the question, why not create some noise of your own?

New rules for carry-on available on the Web
Questions and answers.

An itinerant foodie reveals his secrets
I remember jolting fellow passengers by unzipping my camera bag to reveal a perfect platter of smoked salmon sprinkled with capers.


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