Who is an Innovator? They are the talented people who not only have great ideas, but turn them into reality through their drive and their actions.

Regardless of their place in society, the economy or the country, they get the job done with impact. In this competition, we want to highlight these people.

Many will be people that most of us have never heard of, but they will have had a significant and measureable influence on their industry, their discipline or Canadian society in a demonstrable and positive way.

Their peers, colleagues, clients, associates, friends and family know them as people who have ideas and the ability to turn those ideas into something tangible: now we want to know them, too.

Who are they? What have they done? And why does it matter?

You tell us, and our panel of judges will select the top 12 Canadian Innovators.


An individual who, through their vision, leadership and action, has measurably influenced their respective areas of (1) Natural Resources, (2) Manufacturing and Retail, (3) Finance and Professional Services, (4) Science and Technology, (5) Public Sector and Academia, or (6) Health.


  1. Natural Resources:
  2. Manufacturing and Retail:
  3. Finance and Professional Services:
  4. Science and Technology:
  5. Public Sector and Academia:
  6. Health:


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Nominations close at 11:59pm on August 15, 2014