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Conditions across Canada
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Bargains without borders

Many experts see the state of worldwide markets as a rare opportunity to find deals in other countries

Going global can be good for a portfolio

Going global can be good for a portfolio

Canadians are world-class homebodies when it comes to investing beyond our borders. Investment experts have their own best-practice list for investors, headed up by sector and geographic diversification. Call them the fruits and vegetables of successful investing.

Tread carefully in foreign lands

Tread carefully in foreign lands

Donít let the lure of recessionary bargains blind you to the risks of buying property or businesses abroad. Whether itís for a vacation refuge, retirement spot or business dream, buying property in a foreign land has an exotic appeal.

Many ways to dip toes in overseas markets

Thinking globally is a good way to spread the risk around, and investors have hundreds of options. The rationale for making equity investments around the world may seem to be getting weaker, but experts say there are still advantages to global diversification.


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