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EHR Affecting Lives
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Read article IT could be a matter of life
and death

In downtown Toronto, an elderly man finds his way to an emergency ward late in the evening.

Read article If Canadians want to realize the benefits of electronic health records, it's up to the public to demand them

Doctors' offices and patients see benefits
When a drug is recalled, informing patients quickly is vital.

Technology overcomes geography
For the many Canadians who live outside of the major urban centres, accessing critical health care often involves the emotional and financial trauma of leaving family and home behind...

Better management, accountability improves access for patients
Grace De Jong's breast cancer was successfully treated by lumpectomy in 1999, but recently she began experiencing new symptoms.

SARS outbreak illustrates impediments of antiquated system
Forty-four people would die of SARS in Canada in 2003; a total of 442 probable and suspected cases would occur.

Online patient portal opens new doors
Experts say self-management combined with early intervention of health care teams can delay the progression of kidney disease in the pre-dialysis stage.

Kiosks a boon to triage nurses, ER patients
While many Canadians are familiar with using electronic kiosks to check in at airlines or do their banking - a ground-breaking project starting this month on both campuses of the Scarborough Hospital will use the idea in their emergency departments.

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Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) is a federally funded, independent not-for-profit organization whose Members are Canada's 14 federal, provincial and territorial Deputy Ministers of Health. Infoway is Canada's catalyst for collaborative change to accelerate the use of electronic health information systems and electronic health records (EHRs) across the country.

Developing a network of interoperable electronic health record solutions across Canada - linking clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and other points of care will help improve access to health care services for Canadians, enhance the quality of care and make the health care system more efficient.

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Electronic Health Records: Transforming health care, improving lives.

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An overview of the strategy for the next ten years of investment in healthcare information systems

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EHR…at the crossroads of success.

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Connecting the dots of the healthcare system
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