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Stock Picks
What retailers to buy in a slow economy

Still to discount retailers and best in class

Uranium a hot commodity as nuclear demand grows

All this talk about electric cars means demand for electricity will increase. And where are we going to get it?

A mid-cap pick with impressive management

Very focused on returns on capital

Down (and betting) on the farm

Technology's increasing importance to boost efficiency levels will fuel opportunities for the savvy investor

One good idea: Onex, flush and no debt

Holding company offers safe haven

Five small caps to watch

Not every company is posting losses, Cheryl Devoe Kim reports

How best to play the oil game? Head offshore

Analysts say the deep-water segment is in high demand. Here are four potential winners

Don't give up on stocks

It is the risk takers who will benefit from the turmoil , writes George Athanassakos

The magic of holding

Canadian banks are better capitalized and less leveraged than the global peer group, writes Murray Leith

Only small at the start

The small cap sector has more than its share of long shots and one-trick ponies, but if you pick a winner, the returns can be spectacular

Dining with forecasters

Former Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge is pessimistic about the outlook for equity markets over the next three years, Kevin O'Leary writes

Our banks should survive with dividends intact

Canadian banks are better capitalized and less leveraged than the global peer group.

One Good Idea: Buy RioCan units

This REIT comes with an impressive dividend yield, smart management

Governments gone wild

Infrastructure investments are here to stay in government budgets worldwide and in Kevin O'Leary's portfolio.

The stock market: Taking your money to Vegas?

Five junior miners that could be bargains

If you have an appetite for risk, here are resource plays with strong management and plenty of cash

One Good Idea: Buy major energy companies

Their shares are cheap and are poised to rebound within weeks with the price of crude

Their balance sheets appear bullet-proof

They are the envy of the corporate world: public companies that entered the credit crisis with near-bulletproof balance sheets.

Small is beautiful

New biotech firms aim to diagnose disease at the molecular level- saving millions and earning billions

Teranet's monopoly worth holding onto

It's a fabulous business, and as a shareholder it warms my heart to know that someone is paying me while I sleep at night

Betting on the BCE deal's fate is such fun

The credit crunch makes talk of whether the BCE pact will close a topic that trumps all in BNN's Green Room

Four companies that avoided the credit squeeze

This fall's credit market freeze has been particularly unkind to companies with high leverage, impending debt maturities and unfunded expansion projects.

Geothermal energy stocks should recover steam if government support lasts

One Good Idea: Buy CBS shares

Battered stock is cheap and has great potential for capital gains

Investor Faceoff: When Murray met Lesley

Oct. 20: Soupcoff emerges as the winner »

Aug. 14: Lesley and Murray buffeted, but still ahead »

June 9: Lesley and Murray making money »

April 17: Both contestants solidly in the black »

March 10: When Murray met Lesley stock picking faceoff »

Jan. 18: Portfolios take a hit »

Dec. 13: Murray takes an early lead »

Nov. 21: Investor Faceoff: When Murray met Lesley »

One Good Idea: Buy EnCana shares

Stock puts long-term capital growth, enduring revenue stream in your pocket

Independent's day

Anthony Scilipoti was investigating accounting shenanigans at Nortel and Royal Group long before the RCMP went poking around.

Maxed out?

Investors might remember the 1990s as the years of the dot-com boom, which led to outrageous gains in the stock market. But they were also the years when productivity in the United States, and in much of the developed world, went through a dramatic shift that got many observers wondering if the economy had entered a productivity revolution.

Banks: Don't rush out to buy them

Five stocks with room to grow, soar or chug along

The best of the Dow

Solar stocks you might take a shine to

Investing tips from small-cap experts

Fall 2008

When the lights go out, Ben Stein on Wall Streetís immorality & more...

Summer 2008

Is value dead? The lure of the long shot, the Steadhand diaries and more...

Winter 2008

Inside Sprott Inc., The Technicians, Liquid assets and more...

Premiere Issue

Bill Miller, The Wealthy Barber, How to Live Tax Free and more...

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Cuba: An opening, but no day at the beach »
Brazil makes a strong recovery »
What retailers to buy in a slow economy »
Uranium a hot commodity as nuclear demand grows »
A mid-cap pick with impressive management »
Down (and betting) on the farm »
One good idea: Onex, flush and no debt »
How best to play the oil game? Head offshore »


Bullish on Southwestern »
Bullish on Richmont »
Which sectors will lead the rally? »
Bonds are the place to be »
A complex product for playing or hedging currencies »
One way to add yield to your portfolio »
Is the yield part of your portfolio working? »
A limited-time, golden opportunity in bonds »
One good idea: Buy a bond fund that delivers equity-type returns »
Annuities: High returns, but at a stiff price »
One good idea: Buy health care income trusts »
Low Quality Losers: Not a Formula for Long-term Success»
Invest in real assets early in life »
Just focusing on being 'rich' doesn't guarantee personal success »
By global standards, U.S. economy is in decent shape »
Chinaís stimulus spurs investing options »
End of 'home bias' boosts foreign stocks »
The art of ignoring the pendulumís swing »
A value investor on the hunt »
How a bottom-up stock picker gets the job done »
Portfolio too aggressive for Jack's age »
ETF rule: Keep it simple »
Triple-leveraged ETFs not for the faint of heart »
A mutual man strikes back »
Five options for the comeback kid »
One Good Idea: Buy HBP Financials Bull Plus ETF »

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