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Investment Strategy
Low Quality Losers: Not a Formula for Long-term Success

It won't work for much longer

Invest in real assets early in life

Buying a rental property in university paid off

Just focusing on being 'rich' doesn't guarantee personal success

No matter how rich you are, you always feel like you need more, writes Thane Stenner

By global standards, U.S. economy is in decent shape

When it comes to the recession, Murray Leith writes that it's all relative

China's stimulus spurs investing options

Investment fund managers have been beefing up their allocations to China since the fall

End of 'home bias' boosts foreign stocks

Signs of growth overseas merits attention

The art of ignoring the pendulum's swing

Things are never as good - or bad - as they seem, writes Dan Richards

Affluent investors lose faith in advisers

Here is how to tell if you should find a new advisor, writes Thane Stenner

One good idea: Buy health care income trusts

High yields, steady income provide some stability

Forget the shares, GE's debt is the thing to watch

Deck: With common shareholders being treated like amoebas, Kevin O'Leary looks for an upside

One Good Idea: Buy Japanese yen

The currency appears poised to soar over the next few months as stock markets languish

Every picture tells a story. This one says stocks are going up

The ability to see opportunity within a crisis is a distinguishing feature of the millionaire mind.

How to make the best of a bad situation

Sherry Cooper, the Toronto-based chief economist at investment dealer BMO Nesbitt Burns, is the author of The New Retirement: How It Will Change Our Future. The bestselling book has just been released in paperback.

Condos or corner stores?

If you're looking for a safe property where you can put some cash, what's the better bet: family digs or a small strip mall?

RRSP rescue

Here's what investors are doing in a market gone wild-and what they should be doing

Build your own shiny stash

Gold is so hot now that supplies are scarce. Here's how you can get in on the action

Timing is everything

Wristwatches have been popular ever since they were worn by soldiers in the First World War. Like art, the finer specimens are coveted and can sell at auction for hundreds of thousands of dollars. That makes them objects of value for collectors and investors who know what they're buying. "Even through this market, I've noticed prices on the finer things are very strong," says Michael Larsen, a senior specialist with auction house Bonhams & Butterfields in Los Angeles. How do you make sure that an expensive watch is worth buying and holding?

Why it all went wrong

Donald Coxe put his money on commodities just as they went bust. Now, he's betting on inflation, China and India

Dining with forecasters

Former Bank of Canada Governor David Dodge is pessimistic about the outlook for equity markets over the next three years, Kevin O'Leary writes

Madoff-proof your portfolio

Establish a wealth-protection process to detect investment fraud early, writes Thane Stenner

What could go wrong? It's a long list

Fear, not greed, drives ultra-conservative money managers

Too good to be true: Basics of financial skepticism

How to avoid the Ponzis, Madoffs, Bre-Xs and Milkens in the market

Bling! Time for gold to glitter?

A weaker dollar and possibly higher inflation herald renewed interest in the still-precious metal

Do you have the mind of a millionaire?

It's not the money, it's the mind, writes Thane Stenner

My own private equity forum in LA

Fine wine notwithstanding, private equity anticipates a brutal 2009, Kevin O'Leary writes

Ten things to know about TFSAs in rocky times

The nuts and bolts of these new tax-sheltered accounts -- and who benefits most from them

Grab the vino, it's year-end portfolio purging time

It's been a tough year, so what are you going to do about it? Kevin O'Leary writes

Five things you should know about bear markets

Bear markets can be frightening but they are necessary, Dan Hallett writes

Why the market is always right (even when it isn't)

The stock market is never to blame for a fund's results.

If history is your guide, stocks are best bet for retirement strategy

How to invest in property in a down market

Incorporate these nine habits into your real estate investing

Time to revive appetite for grains

Agricultural commodities are well below heady highs reached this summer -- and poised to rally again

One Good Idea: Buy gold bullion

Gold appreciates amid inflation, defies deflation and is the ultimate defensive play

Dispatch from Geneva

Many Swiss investors are far more focused on the debt markets than equities. Stay diversified, Kevin O'Leary writes.

Ten pieces of good news in the gloom

How to think beyond the excessive pessimism in the market

Memo to Ben Graham: Help!

Here's the advice (we believe) he'd give today

Revving up returns

While worried investors spent most of the year running for the exits, investors who prefer vintage automobiles spent more than $200 million beefing up their portfolios at RM Auctions.


Influence, authority, clout...they're tough to define, but impossible to mistake. The 10 listed here (and 10 runners-up) aren't necessarily the best-or richest-investors in the country. They're not even all investors. But they shape the Canadian investment industry, and when they speak, the market listens. Now more than ever.

When the love is gone

Does your financial adviser know you and your needs, and care enough to help you through the tough times? If not, it may be splitsville time.

Northern Star

Dick Haskayne admits that he follows trends and has great luck, but he's not taking the market turmoil sitting down.

The thinking kid's guide to investing

Farnoosh Torabi is the New York-based author of You're So Money, a personal finance book aimed at her own 20-something age group.

Diamonds in the dirt

There are 100,000 toxic properties in Canada. The good news? Many have to be cleaned up fast

A Tale of Two Ski Hills

Whistler has better elevation, but Blue Mountain has a bigger market. Which resort is the smarter buy?

One Good Idea: Write covered call options on energy stocks

Ten reasons to be optimistic about the market

Investor psychology: What you need to know before you buy or sell

Take a deep breath and try to relax

Fee-based research takes wing

Credit crunch jaws: How to know when it's safe to go back in the water

Five things to know now if you're thinking of buying real estate

When the lights go out

Ben Stein on Wall Street's immorality and boomers' doom

Fall 2008

When the lights go out, Ben Stein on Wall Streetís immorality & more...

Summer 2008

Is value dead? The lure of the long shot, the Steadhand diaries and more...

Winter 2008

Inside Sprott Inc., The Technicians, Liquid assets and more...

Premiere Issue

Bill Miller, The Wealthy Barber, How to Live Tax Free and more...

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One good idea: Buy health care income trusts »
Low Quality Losers: Not a Formula for Long-term Success»
Invest in real assets early in life »
Just focusing on being 'rich' doesn't guarantee personal success »
By global standards, U.S. economy is in decent shape »
Chinaís stimulus spurs investing options »
End of 'home bias' boosts foreign stocks »
The art of ignoring the pendulumís swing »
A value investor on the hunt »
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Portfolio too aggressive for Jack's age »
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