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Ontario Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty and his wife Terri acknowledge the crowd after winning the Ontario provincial election in Ottawa Wednesday. Tom Hanson/The Canadian Press

McGuinty cruises to victory

Tory loses in his own Toronto riding. Small parties make popular gains. Electoral reform soundly rejected

Tory won't stay if party doesn't want him

PC Leader says he would like to stay on but will not linger if party wants to oust him

‘That's the way it goes,' says Hampton

NDP gains no new seats; Leader says he'll stay on as leader to hold McGuinty government accountable

Green party increases vote

Party triples its popular vote, though electoral reform — which would have helped it — is defeated.

Voters roundly reject MMP

Ontarians opt to keep electoral system as is. Advocates hope to try again.

Ontario election Q&A

Murray Campbell

What happened? Why?

The Globe's Murray Campbell took questions

Earlier Q&A

Ontario leaders

Online discussion

McGuinty, Tory, Hampton, de Jong took questions.

Web exclusive

Queen's Park

Your issues

You told The Globe what you wanted to see debated in the Ontario election campaign

54 seats for majority

Overall results, trends 

Winners and Losers

Michael Valpy offers his personal glimpse at the issues and people who came out ahead or behind.

Victor faces forbidding landscape

Whichever party forms Ontario's next government, it will face a daunting set of expensive problems

Parties staked out their traditional turf

The Liberal brand remains very strong in Canada's largest province, where support for both the Tories and the NDP is limited to specific regional pockets.

Political leanings of 905 beginning to look like 416

Urban sprawl resulted in rural voters being displaced by more diversified suburbanites who tend to lean Liberal

Tories pick up one seat in the 905

But the red tide still swamped the rest of the 23 ridings surrounding Toronto.

Liberal win could help Toronto

It raises hopes the province will upload costs of services.

The Liberal campaign 

Safe, bland campaign pays off for Liberals

McGuinty didn't break much of a sweat on the campaign trail or offer many specifics about what he actually plans to do.

Liberal promises

Hospital firestorm costs Di Cocco her job

Culture Minister only member of cabinet to be defeated.

Confident McGuinty repeats thorny tax promise

Hampton and Tory heat up the rhetoric against the Liberals on the second-last day of campaigning

McGuinty shies away from attack ads

But doesn't say how his ‘positive campaign' also includes attack ads posted on YouTube and other websites

McGuinty accused of snubbing voters

Progressive Conservative Leader John Tory says his Liberal rival is ducking angry voters, but McGuinty says he's ‘excited' by campaign trail

McGuinty keeps hammering school funding issue

Tory fires back with accusations of government mismanagement over Sarnia hospital

McGuinty calls Tory another 'Mr. Harris'

He warns that PC Leader will decimate health care, even as a carefully scripted event in a hospital goes sideways.

McGuinty makes no promises for autistic children

In the face of criticism from the Tories, Liberal Leader would only praise what his party has done to date

Give a cent to the cities, says McGuinty

Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty says one cent of the GST should go to municipalities, and school health practices need a major boost

The Conservative campaign 

How one proposal led core PC base to lose faith

The party ignored its core supporters on faith-based schools.

Tory's defeat 'a tough blow' to party

Conservative members taking a wait-and-see approach on whether leader should resign

Tory knew school plan was divisive

John Tory is peddling a positive message, despite poor poll results and early knowledge that religious school funding would divide voters

Tory warns against being ‘bamboozled'

Conservative leader asserts that the Liberals will once again break promises if elected

Defence, prosecution reject PC attack on bail

Even hard-line police advocates are having trouble defending Mr. Tory's claims.

Tory critical of Liberals' treatment of autistic children

the Conservative Leader noted McGuinty government spent millions fighting parents in court to restrict funding

Tory: Ontario must lure back family doctors

Progressive Conservative Leader promises hard cash to bring Canadian doctors back home

PCs sharpen attack on McGuinty

Hoping to shift voter attention from his misstep on schools, John Tory accuses the Liberals of being out of touch.

Tory promises a free vote on his schools policy

PC Leader insists he's still committed to controversial proposal that would extend public funds to faith-based institutions

Tory sticks by school funding

Defiant Conservatives Leader says backing down from faith-based school funding goes against inclusion and fairness

The NDP campaign 

NDP hopes for legislative clout dashed

But Hampton boasts about boosting party's popular vote and vows to stick around for next election.

‘There is another choice,' says Hampton

NDP Leader holds by-election wins aloft to show there is a choice away from the Liberal-Conservative tussle

Hampton: McGuinty means broken promises

NDP Leader says voters neither 'trust nor believe' Liberal Leader

Hampton blasts media for 'hijacking' campaign

NDP Leader says religious school funding has given the Liberals a free ride, and blames media for leaving real issues off the agenda

Hampton: Liberals offer no plans for manufacturing industry

NDP Leader says his party had a plan to save jobs

Hampton: Schools issue has stolen campaign

Tory says he shares the NDP Leader's frustration that McGuinty's record has not been aired

The Green campaign 

Greens, New Democrats gain ground

Voters shifted away from the two major parties.

Greens second behind Tories in one riding

Political observers keeping a sharp eye on Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

Schools issue could edge Greens over the line

Green Party eyes south-west Ontario for its first parliamentary win, thanks partly to John Tory's school stand

How one politician 'Greens' his home

Frank de Jong, leader of Ontario's Green Party, tries to walk the talk

Proportional representation referendum 

Voters in no rush to give smaller parties a bigger voice

NDP, Greens gain more popular votes but fail to win more seats.

Referendum on electoral reform an 'unmitigated disaster'

Ontario set to keep first-past-the-post election system

Poll: Referendum likely headed for defeat

Poll finds more voters understand proposed changes, but fewer support them.

The pros and cons of each referendum option

The Issues: Education 

Class sizes, teacher ratios not priorities

Interest groups are struggling to get university funding issues onto the agenda

Majority of Ontarians willing to pay more taxes for schools

Survey finds that 73 per cent of respondents support higher spending on schools.

The Issues: Health Care 

Getting a grip on effective cancer treatment

By refusing to extend a hand, Mike Brady put cancer care on the campaign agenda. Now he hopes politicians will grasp its urgency.

McGuinty won't end health tax

Critics cry foul over 'bogus' promise

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