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Shifting sands: Part I

An empire from a tub of goo

How did the quest to retrieve the hidden treasure go from fool's errand to huge payoff?

Shifting Sands, Part II

Black gold, Texas tea

The Lone Star state — and its refineries — are hungry for the gooey crude from Alberta's oil sands

Shifting Sands: Part III

Hollowing out small towns down East

As young adults from the East race to high-paying jobs in the West, they leave behind worried towns.

Shifting Sands, Part IV

The two Albertas forcefully collide

The oil sands dominate Alberta's wealth and growth, but not all parts of the province are taking part.

Shifting sands, Part V

Will Canada avoid the 'Dutch disease?'

The lesson Norway can teach Alberta about oil wealth.

Shifting sands, Part VI

A huge clean-up project for the future

'We're exploiting this province way too fast,' says one farmer.

Shifting Sands: Part VII

Solutions to the carbon conundrum

Sequestering emissions could be a win-win. But it won't be cheap.

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