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Last Updated: Thursday, December 11, 10:20 AM EST

Brian Mulroney, left, Elmer Mackay, centre, and Karlheinz Schreiber are seen in this undated photo taken while Mr. Mulroney was prime minister. The photo has a personalized inscription from Mr. Mulroney to Mr. Schreiber.

Brian Mulroney: The payments and the taxman

Karlheinz Schreiber paid the former prime minister $300,000 in cash in three instalments in 1993 and 1994. But Mr. Mulroney did not declare the money at tax time.

Mulroney's six-year tax gap

In four-hour session with Commons ethics committee, former PM acknowledges receiving cash from Schreiber, offers explanation for delay in reporting it, attacks deal-maker's credibility and changes tune on public inquiry.

How one file set off Schreiber's string of mystery payments

Mulroney's Atlantic minister speaks out on proposed arms plant

He said, he said Popup

A face-to-face comparison of key allegations by Schreiber and Mulroney's responses

Airbus connection revealed

Documents show former Mulroney aide involved in airplane sale

Key Stories

Schreiber loses bid to stave off extradition

Supreme Court won't review Karlheinz Schreiber's latest bid to quash extradition to Germany on fraud, bribery and tax-evasion charges

Former PM aide, Bloc seek status at probe

Ex-adviser to former prime minister who once lobbied on behalf of German businessman seeks public funding

Harper-Mulroney relationship comes under watchdog's scrutiny

Watchdog group going to court hoping to force federal Ethics Commissioner to widen definition of conflict of interest

Manitoba judge to chair Mulroney-Schreiber public inquiry

Jeffrey Oliphant will spend the next year working on the case, Ottawa announces

Mulroney won't testify again at Commons committee: lawyer

Lawyer says former PM has ‘respectfully declined' invitation

Globe reporters earn two Michener nominations

Recognized for groundbreaking reporting on Afghan detainees and series of authoritative stories on the Brian Mulroney and Karlheinz Schreiber affair

PM stalls inquiry until MPs finish probe

Adviser found no prima facie evidence of criminal activity, RCMP file remains closed

Former deputy doubts Mulroney's testimony

Erik Nielsen says his former boss took too long to speak out on the matter.

Schreiber suit against Mulroney dismissed

An Ontario judge has dismissed German-Canadian businessman's suit against former prime minister over jurisdictional issue

Key Documents

David Johnston's report to Harper Popup

Johnston's terms of reference

Text of the federal government's terms of reference for a review of the Mulroney-Schreiber affair

Excerpts of Mulroney testimony

Text of Harper's inquiry announcement

Text of Mulroney statement

Text of a statement issued by former prime minister Brian Mulroney

Text of Schreiber affidavit

Transcript of Harper news conference

Prime Minister Harper's Nov. 9 Statement

Editorials & Opinions

Lawrence Martin: Harper-Mulroney rift could haunt Tories

The most electorally successful Tory prime minister since John A. Macdonald finds himself stuck on the sidelines.

Globe Editorial: The ideal is impossible

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is accountable for his choice of Judge Oliphant

Globe editorial: Name a Mulroney probe chair

Opposition MPs have long speculated that Mr. Harper was never serious about holding the promised inquiry before the next election. He runs the risk of proving them right.

Globe Editorial: A misplaced scruple in Ottawa

The last thing Parliament needs is a wave of libel chill. Yet that's what a recent ruling could create.

Analysis: Time for committee to get serious

William Kaplan: MPs can still get more answers on Mulroney

Globe editorial: The reason for this inquiry

In slowing the inquiry, perhaps until after an election, the Prime Minister runs the risk of looking like a player himself, and not necessarily a disinterested one

Jeffrey Simpson: Narrow inquiry not enough

An inquiry into the whole of the Mulroney-Schreiber relationship would be long, expensive and perhaps inconclusive

William Kaplan: What's left? Try this

Millions in 'grease money' remain unaccounted for.

Globe editorial: What he said, and didn't say

Yesterday's hearing shows MPs again were woefully out of their depth when probing the Mulroney-Schreiber affair.


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