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Maid for a month: Goodbye to all that


After a month on the job, Jan Wong says farewell

Fourth in the series

The 'perfect maid' crumbles

'Maggie' is too good for a system where a person's worth is measured by minimum wage.

Third in the series

Cinder Sam and Benderella

The maid's life may be tough, but Jan Wong soon discovers it's even harder when you factor kids into the equation. At first, she worries about how she'll look after them. But soon, her two "sub-maids" are looking after her.

Second in the series

Living a minimum-wage existence

I've entered a parallel universe, writes Jan Wong. Most of the maids I'm working with for this month don't drive. Many can't read a map.

First in the series

The great experiment begins

Jan learns surprisingly intimate things about her employers — and hard lessons about life at minimum wage.

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    Steps down from powerful energy and environment portfolio

  2. France's Segolene Royal loses more than election

    Relationship between Royal and Socialist party leader François Hollande, who have four children but never married, on the rocks, French media report


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