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December 18, 2018


STEPHEN BAROOTESA celebration of Stephen Barootes' life will take place on February 25, 2019 at The Pilot (Stealth Lounge) 1pm - 4 p.m., 22 Cumberland St., in Toronto. Please call (416) 923-5716.

December 18, 2018

Restaurateur. Raconteur. Philosopher. Father.

Born Aug. 21, 1927, in Saskatoon; died Sept. 26, 2018, in Toronto, of respiratory failure at the age of 91.Stephen Barootes grew up the youngest of seven children during the Depression in Saskatoon; his family was short of everything but love and humour. Steve would recall how one winter, short on fuel and cash, the family tore up the wooden sidewalk to burn it for heat. They denied any knowledge of this when the landlord inquired. His childhood ended abruptly, however, with the death of his eldest brother, Effie, 16, in a car accident. This event, along with financial struggles, precipitated the family leaving Saskatoon and heading east.

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