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V-E Day
UPDATED AT 3:42 AM EDT Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2005
V-E Day
  • Audio-visual slideshows from reporter Murray Campbell and veterans
  • A map of the Allied forces' movement into Germany
  • A timeline of events leading to victory
  • 2:36 AM | FULL STORY 
    Once V-E Day was declared, attention turned to the Pacific conflict
    3:23 AM | FULL STORY $
    V-E Day celebrations: 'We have a free country and we owe it to them'
    3:42 AM | FULL STORY $
    Doug Saunders finds people are wondering whether they're marking a victory, a defeat, the end of fascism, or just collective guilt
    3:13 PM | FULL STORY $
    Canada's last mission of the Second World War was at Texel off the Dutch coast, where the fighting continued to smoulder
    1:02 AM | FULL STORY $
    A Canadian pilot's remarkable tale of survival behind enemy lines
    4:35 AM | FULL STORY $
    Dion unveils plaque in the Netherlands as part of V-E day
    9:26 AM | FULL STORY $
    Canadian and Dutch students make a special connection with the soldiers who liberated the Netherlands
    5:40 AM | FULL STORY $
    Prime Minister says he's asked party leaders to travel with him for ceremonies in Europe
    4:10 PM | FULL STORY $
    Canadians may not realize how grim postwar England was. Doug Saunders talks to Londoners who remember
    2:04 AM | FULL STORY 
    1:55 AM | FULL STORY 
    1:52 AM | FULL STORY 
    Gone but not forgotten
    Doug Saunders opens his six-part series by venturing into the heartland of the fascist revival $

    Across Canada
    Sixty years ago, Canadians reacted to the end of the carnage in Europe with an unsurpassed outburst of joy. But whatever became of those faces in the crowd? With the help of Globe and Mail readers, Anthony Reinhart and Shawna Richer find out 

    Pages from the past
    But war wasn't over yet 

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    Morning Smile
    Police were called to a daycare where a three-year-old was resisting a rest. - Mark Foerster, Newmarket, Ont.