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Fuelling the sales pitch

Shaw Communications' risky proposal pays off to the tune of $1-million for SalesFuel

Quebec company hits sweet note in China

How organ manufacturer Casavant Frères Inc. is cracking the country's growing market


The case for off-site computing

A small Calgary firm saves money by moving its servers, but even more importantly, it keeps them running

Video: The Rules

Leadership and followership

Brian Burke on how to turn around a hockey team, or any other business


Bouncing back to win big

Calgary's Stealth Acoustical & Emission Control more than tripled its revenue after it won a Siemens contract on the second attempt

Business Incubator

The marketing maze

How should businesses navigate their budgets and expectations while still selling themselves effectively?

The Breakthrough

Expanding its niche

Small waste-management company hits the mark with $4.6-million project for NATO military camps

Venture capital breakdown

Canada's challenged system forcing entrepreneurs to turn to the U.S. for cash

Incubator Feature

Charting the right course through an outbreak

How can Infonaut build a market for a unique infection mapping system without appearing to exploit the flu outbreak?

The Breakthrough

An eye on expansion

Iris vision centre faced early opposition to Ontario foray but stared down its challenger

Cowboy Couture

These boots are made for rockin'

Liberty Boot Co. founder Tony Benattar designs hand-tooled boots that are covered in pin-up girls, skulls and "satanic stitching. He has a novel way of getting celebrities to notice his premium footwear.


Kevin Bartus uses Elance, a website that links freelancers and contractors

Websites put offshoring within financial reach of small business

Sites provide help with Web development, design and marketing

Strategy and Tactics

Why you need to be on Twitter now

Mark Healy

Get used to it: social media is essential for small business


Larry Rosen, CEO of Harry Rosen Inc., on where and how to cut costs

Under the knife

In turbulent times, you must maintain the integrity of your brand, adapt your message to be relevant, and always keep your sense of humour, says Larry Rosen


Too kind for candour? Wrong. Be honest and level with people, preferably early in their careers

Jack Welch on management

The former Chairman and CEO of the General Electric Company on how it's easy to be decent when times are good

Incubator Video

Mark Satov, on Managing during a recession

Managing during a recession

This is the time that great companies are made, says Mark Satov

Report on Small Business Magazine

Report on Small Business magazine - March, 2009

Check out the latest issue


Live, Friday at 1 p.m. ET

Heather Gamble

Risky venture pays off

Start Your Own 

Start your own ...: tanning salon

Shah Emily Noaman is bringing a new glow to the rich set

Start your own ...: Restaurant

Marc Chartrand sold his house, hit up his parents, and pleaded with every bank in the country. End result: he now owns a restaurant

Start your own ...: Funeral home business

When Darin Hoffman lost his job at a North American funeral home group, he didn't despair, he created his own business

Start your own ...: Tour business

Start your own ...: kitchen business

Start your own ...: Winery

Start your own...: Health food business

Start your own ...: Car dealership

Start your own ...: Liquor Store

Start your own ...: Direct marketing business

The (seemingly) ancient art of selling candles

Online Discussions 

Earlier Discussion: Boosting your sales skills

Earlier Discussion: Good deeds or green hype?

Earlier Discussion: Negotiating against the odds

Earlier Discussion: Succeeding in social media

How to capitalize on the world of Web 2.0

The location equation: John Crombie

How to find the best address for your business

Ask the coach: Jerome Shore

Winning the talent war: Geoff Thompson

How to grow a business: Janis Grantham

Launching a hit product: Chris Bower

The future of funeral homes: Darin Hoffman

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