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2005 Toronto Film Festival UPDATED AT 5:48 PM EDT Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2005
Helena Bonham Carter signs autographs for fans on the red carpet at this week's Toronto Film Festival.
Photo: Donald Weber/Getty Images for Dreamworks
Helena Bonham Carter signs autographs for fans on the red carpet on Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival.
Kevin Spacey, Morgan Freeman on list of guests for Edison pre-gala party
2:10 AM | FULL STORY $
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legal pad
What should Jen do next?
During the festival, we gave our reporter an assignment every day. As the festival winds down, read about her efforts.
Her final task: Get a celebrity makeover
Fest's high-end handshakes include Thank You for Smoking and Trust the Man
11:14 AM | FULL STORY $
A look at the celebrities attending the Toronto International Film Festival
TIFF poster
See what films are creating a buzz at the festival today
3:46 AM | FULL STORY $

More Columnists Insider Exclusives
Johanna Schneller
Want fun? See the films, skip the parties $

Zooey Deschanel, industry darling
11:10 AM | FULL STORY $
Festival Notebook
11:18 AM | FULL STORY $
With a child on the way, Heath Ledger says he's happy to be taking a break from films. His Brokeback Mountain role is creating some Oscar buzz
4:27 AM | FULL STORY $
Downtown Toronto's Skylounge was once a cheap place for celebrities to hawk their movies. But a makeover and a fee hike later, firms are grumbling
4:26 AM | FULL STORY $
For God's sake, Paltrow, couldn't you be a bit more self-absorbed?
4:44 AM | FULL STORY $
The glam Charlize Theron takes on the gritty role of a woman of the Iron Range
5:14 AM | FULL STORY $
Tinseltown has historically favoured quantity over accuracy when depicting our famous landscapes. Jeremy Ferguson looks at the clichéd plots and preposterous posters — portraying the soaring peaks of. . .Saskatchewan? — that have distorted Canada on the silver screen
He shuns stardom, but Johnny Depp is still Hollywood royalty
4:42 AM | FULL STORY $
TIFF for Tat
Jeff Daniels is a tad bitter about never receiving an Oscar nod $

They said what?
Overheard at the festival: Shirley MacLaine $

Citizen Paparazzi
digital camera
E-mail us your celebrity film fest photos and we'll publish the best ones $

What are you doing for the film fest?
Robert Lantos
Has a 'cornucopia of temptations' for films he'd like to see $

The film list
Listings and showtimes: submit your reviews, see ours 

film reel
Click here to view previews for some of the festival's Gala screenings 

Liam Neeson
The gentle, amiable Irish actor talks about the pursuit of 'truth, fidelity, honesty, integrity' $

Film Fest Poll
Reporter Jen Gerson has completed many tasks during the Fim Festival. Which chore did you find most interesting?
Photo with a star
Get into VIP room
Swag collecting
Ask stars an odd question
Get audio from a star
Movie marathon
Celebrity makeover

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