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Film fest ends with no clear Oscar shoo-ins

Noel Mitrani accepts the CityTV Award for Best Canadian First Feature Film at the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto Saturday.

Bella wins people's choice; founder shrugs off criticism that event has become too big

Winners a list of surprises

Death of a President – one of the most controversial movies ever presented in the 31-year history of the Toronto International Film Festival – takes one of its most prestigious awards

Hungry distributors chase slim pickings

Pre-festival buying meant fewer films were up for grabs during the festival

Sean Penn's $600 smoke

Actor lights up indoors and a Toronto hotel is paying for it

Ask the stars

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan answers

The Globe's Mark Medley asked reader James Rendle's question about the new James Bond, Daniel Craig, and Casino Royale

Juliette Binoche: A Few Days In September

'I had never cleaned a gun before, but I practised and practised. ... When you become a character, you have to love the things you wouldn't normally like.'

A swanky celebration for Hawke

Private party celebrates his directorial debut of 'The Hottest State,' a feature film based on his semi-autobiographical novel

Polley's debut film lands U.S. deal

Lionsgate planning to release acclaimed 'Away from Her' next spring


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