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Friday, Oct. 17, 2003

Candidate information for riding: Oxford

Polls: 217/217

Candidate Party Votes % of vote Elected
Ernie Hardeman Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario 18483 43.7% Yes
Brian Brown Ontario Liberal Party 16119 38.1% No
Shawn Rouse New Democratic Party of Ontario 5308 12.5% No
Andre De Decker Family Coalition Party of Ontario 837 2.0% No
Tom Mayberry Green Party of Ontario 837 2.0% No
Paul Blair Freedom Party of Ontario 405 1.0% No
Kaye Sargent Ontario Libertarian Party 317 0.7% No

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Election Results
Party L E T
Liberal 0 72 72
PC 0 24 24
NDP 0 7 7
Indep. 0 0 0
Total 0 103 103
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