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Live Federal Election results beginning at 10:00 PM EST on January 23rd
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NOTE: Interactive map only shows major parties (Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Bloc)

1. Placing your mouse over a province will display current results consisting of elected parties in each province. The election data is updated as soon as it is received from our data provider.

2. Clicking on a province will display a list of ridings in that province.

3. Selecting a riding from the "Ridings List Box" will take your to the "Riding Map Level View"


NOTE: Interactive map only shows major parties (Liberal, Conservative, NDP and Bloc)

1. Each Riding contains a highlight colour. The color reflects current leading party in that riding. Please refer to the legend below.

2. Use the navigation controls located on the right side of the "Riding Map Level" to ZOOM IN and Scroll the map. If you loose the map while scrolling, click the "Reset Map" button to get it back.

3. If a riding map is unavailable, use the "PDF Map" button to retrieve a PDF version of the map. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

4. Getting back to the national map Level is easy. Simply click ”Return to map of Canada” button.

5. To refresh ridingdata at any time, use the "Riding Refresh Button"; Once this button has been pressed, it will reactivate (become clickable) in the next 1 minute.


* In accordance with Elections Canada rules, there is a blackout on publishing results for all ridings in Canada until the last poll closes.
The blackout lifts at 10 p.m. EST when polls close in British Columbia.

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