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Girard-Bernier, Gabriel

Quebec, Hull - Aylmer, Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada

Gabriel Girard-Bernier, 22 years old, is a journalism student. He is a political activist in the Outaouais in the student movement, where he was the president of the Student Association at the Cegep de l'Outaouais. He is also active in the anti-war movement and says: "An anti-war government is clearly needed for Canada to stop violating the sovereignty of nations, such as with the participation of the Martin government in the coup d'etat in Haiti and the kidnapping of the elected president of Haiti."

Gabriel is also active in the movement for democratic renewal and for the reform of democratic institutions. He is running in this election to advance democratic renewal. "It is crucial that the workers, women, youth and national minorities put an end to their political marginalization and create the mechanisms whereby sovereignty is vested in the people," he said.

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