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Monday, Jun. 28, 2004

Rempel, Jacob

British Columbia, Vancouver Kingsway, Canadian Action Party

Jake Rempel grew up in a small Mennonite village near Swift Current, Saskatchewan, attending the one-room Lens West School to Grade 10. He dropped out for five years to work on farms, in lumber camps, slaughter houses, survey crews and whatnot. He returned to high school and to the University of Saskatchewan, intermittently teaching and doing education research, later curriculum&administration graduate studies at UBC and SFU. Rempel was principal and/or teacher in Saskatchewan and Manitoba schools, in federal prison classrooms, substitute staff in Vancouver private schools, and teacher in a school in Libya for a year. History, Social Studies, Literature, theatre and all politics are his main interests.

Jake and Elsie raised Katya, Elsa, and Lavera in Abbotsford and Vancouver, and they enjoy granddaughter Una, who is 6-years-old. This is the very important, but for the present purpose, Rempel's political story is more important. To summarize, Jake Rempel has not been a lifetime faithful partisan in any party. As a student, he started at the UofS as a Liberal and soon switched to the CCF and NDP. His favourite history teacher, however, was Progressive Conservative. Jake Rempel sincerely appreciates the contributions of every party in the history of Canada. Jake is proud to have known Tommy Douglas, and as vice-president of the Young CCF, he had the opportunity to introduce him to a convention. He also admired John Diefenbaker, who liked Saskatchewan medicare and brought the federal medicare proposal to Ottawa for Lester Pearson to implement. Rempel liked Trudeau's emphasis on Canadian unity, his Canada First policy on energy, and restrictions on foreign ownership and control of natural resources.

Rempel worked for John Turner against the "Free Trade Agreement". He also supported David Orchard's "Citizens Concerned About Free Trade" campaign to stop Brian Mulroney's FTA and later NAFTA. Orchard supported both Turner's Liberals and Broadbent's NDP in the campaigns against Brian Mulroney's FTA and NAFTA.

As well, Jake Rempel admired and cheered for The National Party organized by Mel Hurtig, and the Canadian Action Party organized by Paul Hellyer. Both these men want to restore an independent Canadian domestic and foreign policy.

Rempel also supported the NDP on certain issues, as well as the Committee for an Independent Canada and the Council of Canadians.

In 1998, Rempel joined David Orchard in his great campaign to bring the Conservative Party back to a policy of independence in domestic and foreign policy, back to a policy of national priorities, like the priorities of Conservative leaders like Macdonald, Borden, and Diefenbaker. Orchard's plan was making good progress till October 2003, when Peter MacKay betrayed his promises to the PC Party and to David Orchard as he, with Stephen Harper, organized a new party and broke up the PC Party.

Jake Rempel has now joined the Canadian Action Party to campaign for an independent Canadian domestic and foreign policy for good reasons: to restore and maintain our great Canadian institutions and public programs for people, and assert independent foreign and military policy to make peace a priority.

Email: yasch@shaw.ca
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