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Monday, Jun. 28, 2004

Herwig, Gerhard

British Columbia, Surrey North, Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Born and educated in Germany, Gerhard Herwig immigrated to Canada at the age of 21. He traveled across this country and lived and worked in every Province from Ontario to B.C. After two years with the Delta School board he started his own Heating business which has been serving the lower mainland for over 25 years. Married to Anneliese for 36 years, they lived in Surrey North since 1969. Their three children were raised and educated here and they have three grandchildren. They are members of "Our Lady of Good Counsel" parish and Gerhard is involved in church, community, political and professional organizations.

He was the CHP candidate for Surrey North in the 2000 federal election and previous to that he ran as the "Family Coalition Party" candidate in the 1996 provincial election.

Gerhard believes that the CHP's "Blueprint for Restoration" will give direction and Hope at a time when voters are cynical and are losing faith in politicians and the judicial system.

Phone: (604) 588-4827

E-mail: surmec@infinet.net

Other Surrey North candidates:

Party L E T
Liberal 0 135 135
Cons. 0 99 99
BQ 0 54 54
NDP 0 19 19
Other 0 1 1
Total 0 308 308
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