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Friday, Jun. 25, 2004

Siksay, Bill

British Columbia, Burnaby-Douglas, New Democratic Party

For the past 18 years, has worked as Assistant to Svend Robinson, M.P. for Burnaby-Douglas, helping thousands of Burnaby residents and dozens of Burnaby organizations access government services

Studied Canadian History and Political Science at the University of Toronto, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1978

Studied at the Vancouver School of Theology

Represented Member of Parliament on the Local Advisory Council to the Canada Employment Centre, the Burnaby Interagency Council and the Burnaby Poverty Initiative

A lifelong member of the United Church of Canada, has been a very active layperson in church affairs

Appointed by the Church to the Board of Regents of Victoria University at the University of Toronto

Served on the National Task Force on the Changing Roles of Women and Men in Church and Society

Chaired the United Church National Pastoral Relations Committee

Active in Affirm United

Member of CEP Local 232 and a delegate to the New Westminster and District Labour Council

Born in Oshawa, Ontario; settled in British Columbia in 1979

Lives with his partner of 24 year, Brian Burke, a United Church minister, and their Irish wolfhound, Taoiseach.

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