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Monday, Jun. 28, 2004

McKelvie, Brent

Alberta, Wetaskiwin, Canadian Action Party

Born in 1981 to a second generation farming family, I developed a passion for social justice and a strong sense of nationalism early on. A few notable experiences include:

  • My visit to the Dominican Republic. My brother and I donated our time and skills to assist in an economic development initiative aimed at creating a viable, low cost classroom for families in the area. I am happy to say it was a huge success, and more classrooms are being built, after the model we established!

  • Protesting at the FTAA meeting in Quebec City. Not only did I learn what getting tear gassed really feels like, I was also privileged to hear people from all over the world speak at the People's Summit. (The People's Summit was a concurrent, peaceful event.) I met professional activists and ordinary citizens alike at this summit, and I have brought back a clearer picture of Canada as an international citizen. Our country has an important job as a nation of peacekeepers and a voice of mediation and reason. Let's build on this reputation!

  • I have been active in the New Democratic Party, the Progressive Conservative Party, and now, in the Canadian Action Party. The range of political opinion and policy that I have been exposed to has given me an unique, open-minded perspective.

    My enthusiasm and belief in Canada have collided with my frustration at the current political attitude of our riding. I have discovered that I'm not alone in my dissatisfaction with the state of our electoral system, our trade agreements, and our monetary system. In fact, I haven't spoken with anyone who is really happy about any of these issues.

    So why haven't we demanded change? Nothing confuses me more than hearing endless complaints about our government, and then discovering that no one plans to use the power of their vote to do anything about it!

    I have chosen to run in this election because of my love for Canada. With your help, I plan to promote and support sustainable policy that will strengthen our country.

  • Other Wetaskiwin candidates:

    Party L E T
    Liberal 0 135 135
    Cons. 0 99 99
    BQ 0 54 54
    NDP 0 19 19
    Other 0 1 1
    Total 0 308 308
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