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Monday, Jun. 28, 2004

Cline, Barry

Ontario, St. Paul's, Conservative Party of Canada

I have been the principal of my architectural practice for some 30 years, and throughout that period have gained extensive proficiency in successfully realizing the completion of complex projects extending from the schematic design phase through final construction.

Subsequent to my university graduation in 1965, I was appointed to the “Canadian Corporation for the 1976 World’s Exposition” as Project Architect for Expo ’67 (The World’s Fair) in Montreal. My responsibilities over the three-year assignment involved project coordination and negotiations with foreign Architects and Commissioners-General representing their respective countries.

Over the years, I have served my community and profession, through extensive involvement with the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Toronto.

My political experience includes:

§ Member, Hon. Joe Clark’s national advance team, (1979, 1980);

§ Member, Premier William Davis’ provincial advance team, (1981);

§ Director of Tour, Hon. Michael Wilson’s, (1983);

§ Member, Hon. Brian Mulroney’s national advance team, (1984);

§ Director of Tour and Security, Hon. Larry Grossman’s

1985 provincial leadership campaign;

§ Member, Premier Frank Miller’s provincial advance team, 1985 Ontario provincial election;

§ Member, Hon. Larry Grossman’s provincial advance team, 1987 Ontario provincial election;

§ Member, Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s national advance team, 1988 Canadian federal election;

§ Member, Hon. Michael Harris’ provincial advance team, 1990 Ontario provincial election;

§ Member, Prime Minister Campbell’s national advance team, 1993 Canadian federal election;

§ Member, Hon. Michael Harris’ provincial advance team, 1995 Ontario provincial election;

§ Member, Hon. Jean Charest’s national advance team, 1997 Canadian federal election;

§ Member, Rt. Hon. Joe Clark’s 1998 federal leadership campaign;

§ Member, Hon. Michael Harris’ provincial advance team, 1999 Ontario provincial election;

§ Candidate-of-Record, 2000 Canadian Federal Election, St. Paul’s Riding, PC Party of Canada;

§ Candidate for Nomination, St. Paul's Riding, February 2003, PC Party of Ontario;

§ Member, Hon. Ernie Eves’ provincial advance team, 2003 Ontario provincial election

Over the past years, as an active supporter of the provincial and federal Progressive Conservative Parties, my participation at both levels was not only with the advance and tour teams, but also as a fund-raiser with both the P.C. Canada and P.C. Ontario Funds. I have also been involved at both provincial and federal policy and leadership conventions and am presently on the Board of Directors of the Conservative Party of Canada, St. Paul’s Electoral district Association.

During my leisure time, I am an avid sailor, and in the past have competed with my Canadian Champion Golden Retriever at dog shows internationally. As an ardent scuba diver, I have been involved in underwater photography for some 25 years.

Other St. Paul's candidates:

Party L E T
Liberal 0 135 135
Cons. 0 99 99
BQ 0 54 54
NDP 0 19 19
Other 0 1 1
Total 0 308 308
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