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Monday, Jun. 28, 2004

Morgan, Bronagh

Ontario, London North Centre, Green Party of Canada
Lawyer. Coach. Volunteer. Entrepreneur. Artist. Personal trainer. Writer. Singer. Politician?

When you're already this busy, why give yourself more to do? For Bronagh Morgan, Green Party candidate in the riding of London North-Centre, sitting back and watching the upcoming election would be more work than running! The "seasoned" politician (she ran in last year's Ontario election for the Greens) describes herself as the kind of person who has to take action when she sees something that needs to be done. "I'm not the type to sit back and complain - I like to get in there, get to work, and try to make things better," she says.

Why the Green Party? Bronagh says that she was hooked (and signed up for membership in the party) the first time she read the party platform. "Like lots of people, I've thought for a long time that government needs to change fundamentally if we're to continue to live healthy, happy lives in this country... the Green Party platform simply put in political terms what I've always thought about the way the country should be run," she says.

The Niagara Falls native holds degrees from Trent and Queen's University, as well as several certifications from national sports and fitness associations. She's worked for law firms across the country and currently operates her own legal research company. She also recently took on a position as a personal trainer, a role she says fits perfectly with her political views. "Taking better care of ourselves through nutrition and exercise is part of the Green Party's health care policy - it's just one example of the party's fresh approach to tackling problems which have plagued other Canadian governments. Focusing our health care system on preventing people from getting sick will lower total health care costs, while improving the lives of all Canadians."

Bronagh lives just east of downtown London in an older home she and her fiancé, metalworker Jason Sutherland, purchased last December. The two have been working on renovating the home inside and out for the last several months, but plans may have to be put on hold for a while when the election is called. Bronagh says that's O.K. with her. "While I know first hand that running for office can be pretty tough, it's a honour to be able to represent the Green Party and to bring its positive message to residents of London North-Centre," she says.

In her spare time (if you can believe that she has any), Bronagh enjoys many athletic pursuits including boxing, aerobics, running, and triathlon training, and has plans to compete in several fundraising races this summer and fall. She will be exhibiting artwork at this year's London Fringe Festival, and will be singing next at Kidstock, a fundraiser for the Boys'and Girls' Club of London. She also volunteers for several local charities and bakes great cookies.

Contact number: 519-471-4059

E-mail: knowledgenow@rogers.com

Other London North Centre candidates:

Party L E T
Liberal 0 135 135
Cons. 0 99 99
BQ 0 54 54
NDP 0 19 19
Other 0 1 1
Total 0 308 308
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