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Monday, Jun. 28, 2004

Nagy, Mike

Ontario, Guelph, Green Party of Canada
Facts: Born Hamilton 1961 BA McMaster 1983, Geography and Political Science Careers in business from Sales/Marketing and Management. Currently employed with engineering consulting firm for the safety and risk management industry and power generation sector. Mike Nagy has lived in Rockwood for the past 15 years with his wife and son. He was attracted there because of the natural beauty of the unique limestone cliffs and geography. The Eramosa River (part of the Grand River Heritage watershed) and surrounding floodplain is a local gem that provides high quality natural habitat and green-space for the area. Since graduating from University, Mike has worked with many types of businesses and individuals across Canada. He has had the experience of visiting every province in the country and has also travelled extensively through the United States, Europe and Asia. Mike is passionate about the beauty and diversity of the many cultures of the world. He knows Canada well and recognises how unique each area of the country can be but how it is still bound by a common psyche. "I believe Canada is a beacon for tolerance, sombre second thought providing a much needed different point of view for North America and the World community," says Mike. For almost 10 years he has visited the various cities and businesses in Canada and has always been encouraged by the creativity and professionalism of the people he has met. Mike however worries that Canadians are trading off long-term health and stability for short-term economic gain by mismanaging natural resources and by not investing in preservation and research. "A healthy economy cannot happen if it is burdened with the costs of past short-sited actions. It must be proactive in managing decisions that will have costly impacts down the road. We have been sweeping the dirt under the carpet for too long." Poverty and unemployment are the most destructive of all conditions, Mike fears that at the current rate of sell out and lack of long term planning, Canada is compromising its ability to provide a stable and prosperous economy in the future. Mike's true love is for the outdoors and especially natural areas. He is an avid cross country skier, hiker, amateur naturalist and camper. However Mike is deeply concerned about the state of ecosystems, the general environment, water supply and impacts of global warming. Since the 80s he has been active with nature groups and has lobbied government on environmental and economic policy. Trees are of specific interest to him and he has planted native species in the local area for over 15 years. He is one of the founding and active members of GET Planters which is a Rockwood area based volunteer group that plants trees to enhance the local inventory along roadside and parks. This group of citizens was formed due to concerns with the increase in removal of mature trees as a result of disease, abuse or road expansion. Mike is also a member of the Water Committee of the Centre Wellington Citizens Coalition that was formed to help halt and prevent the destruction/exploitation and or privatisation of Canada's fresh water. Mike has also set up reduce/re-use and recycling programs in the workplace and as far back as the later 80s help get composting programs into his place of employment. "I am concerned about that the two most important "Rs" of the 3Rs, reduce and reuse have been almost totally forgotten with industry and the public thinking that all of the answers lay with recycling." In the late 80s Mike was also active with and then President of AWCF, a conservation group based in Ontario that raised money to help save African Rhinos and Elephants. Mike participated with many conservation groups at the time and still lobbies Canadian governments to enact legislation and to take measure to protect wildlife habitat. The new endangered species legislation in Canada is of great concern to Mike as it does not protect the habitat of the wildlife contained in it. Stronger leadership by the Federal Government is needed to stem the increasing list of endangered and threatened species. "The time is right for Canadians to realize the benefits of the Green Party's message. The Green Party of Canada will help guide Canada in the right direct, toward a more sustainable and fair existence." Guelph's reputation as a progressive, positive and productive city was further enhanced when Ben Polley received more Green Party votes than any other Green Party candidate in the recent provincial election. With the keen support of Ben as campaign manger, Mike has set the target equally as high at the federal level. 519-822-3883 www.mikenagy.ca email mike@mikenagy.ca.

E-mail: m9johnn@hotmail.com

Other Guelph candidates:

Party L E T
Liberal 0 135 135
Cons. 0 99 99
BQ 0 54 54
NDP 0 19 19
Other 0 1 1
Total 0 308 308
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