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Monday, Jun. 28, 2004

Gots , John G.

Ontario, Cambridge, Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Born: Budapest, Hungary [Canadian Citizenship, 1957]

Family: Married Barra in 1965; they have two children

Education: Graduated in 1968 from the University of Guelph: B.Sc. Engineering with Mechanical and Power options.

Conestoga College: MTSO Milling M/C Certificate - 1991

Training courses:, e.g. Active Leadership, Performance Management, Toward Excellence, In Search of Excellence, Interaction Management, computer courses as needed for work.

Other Courses: e.g. Project Management, PLC – Alan Bradley, Decision Making Problem Analysis, #1 Tread Tuber, TUO - MSI Course, Empowerment for Competitive Advantage (1990) ,

Other skills and experience: machine shop, welding fabricating, construction, carpentry, computer – esp. Autocad, MS Office, Windows XP

Work History:

1968-1973: Babcock-Wilcox Canada Ltd. In Plant Engineering – 1973-1980: B.F. Goodrich – Project Engineer (Mechanical)

1980-1983: Crowe Foundry – Plant Engineer,

1982-present. President and Director, Sol Circ Incorporated. (research & development, engineering services).

1984 – present – Uniroyal-Goodrich Canada Inc. (Michelin –Kitchener Plant) as Engineer. Started doing consulting work for Uniroyal on behalf of Sol Circ. They secured his services full time. Tire building engineering, working out of Plant Engineering.

Interests: Family, reading, community work, outdoor activities; and natural philosophy, science and technology. Catholic Charismatic renewal, Cursillo; promoting Christian values by action, example and prayer.

Volunteer Positions:

Over ten years – one evening a week at Yorkhaven (affiliated with Sr. Christine)

Since mid-1980s – member Spiritan Prayer Group, Guelph.

Lector – Church of Our Lady

Conestoga College – help in development of Robotics Course (completed)


- Registered member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario (from 1968)

- Member: Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship (from 1986)

- Member – Guelph and Area Right to Life Association

- Member – Family Coalition Party of Ontario

- Member – Christian Heritage Party of Canada

Personal objective: "to develop my latent talents to the best of my ability for the benefit of myself and my family"

"Today the family remains under attack with increased intensity. I chose to run again as a candidate for the Christian Heritage Party, because in a society where family life is weakened and manipulated to fail by external forces, the government advances, intrudes, and eventually compels. My experience as a refugee from a centralized state dictatorship, that Hungary was in the mid fifties, confirms for me that strong families are the key to a free, healthy and prosperous society. We need a government where public and hidden policy does not undermine the needs of mother, father and children."

"Life is for the living. I feel that in the family and its value system rests the survival and prosperity of our communities. For it is within the traditional family where human life has the best chance to grow and develop to its full potential. Without that life, neither church nor state or society survives. At present our families are fragmenting under the pressure of external, economic, and social burdens. Some say that finances are the major factor in marriage breakdown. This is not surprising as the family capacity to generate disposable income and wealth is usurped by over-centralized, distant governments that feed on their sacrifices. This I have experienced in hand-to-mouth existence before coming to Canada."

"I am very much for upholding the needs of the family in public life. Families are our primary social safety net in times of trouble and hurt. That is where the real education of children takes place and values are transmitted to lay foundations for our future."

Phone: (519) 836-3208

Fax: (519) 767-6647

E-mail: johnbarra@sympatico.ca

Other Cambridge candidates:

Party L E T
Liberal 0 135 135
Cons. 0 99 99
BQ 0 54 54
NDP 0 19 19
Other 0 1 1
Total 0 308 308
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