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Friday, Jun. 25, 2004

St-Jacques, Diane

Quebec, Shefford, Liberal Party of Canada

Elected to the House of Commons for the first time in 1997, Diane St-Jacques joined the Liberal Caucus in September 2000 and was re-elected in November 2000.

She is currently the Deputy Government Whip and a member of both the Standing Committee on Procedure and House Affairs and of the Standing Joint Committee on the Library of Parliament.

In January 2003, she was appointed Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Human Resources Development. She was also a Vice-Chair of the Prime Minister's Task Force on Future Opportunities in Farming and a member of the Standing Committee on Human Resources Development as well as a member of its sub-Committee on Children and Youth at Risk.

From 1989 until her election, Ms. St-Jacques was publicity consultant to a Sherbrooke radio station. For eight years, she worked at Agropur in Granby where, among other responsibilities, she held the position of promotional activities coordinator.

From 1992 to 1997, Ms. St-Jacques headed the board of directors of Granby's Festival International de la chanson and sat on the Festival executive for four years. Ms. St-Jacques was also a member of the boards of the Chambre de Commerce de Granby-Bromont, Tourisme Granby and the Festival gastronomique de Granby.

Ms. St-Jacques is especially proud of having been named honorary spokesperson by the Association des parents et amis du malade mental (A.P.A.M.M.).

Born in Granby on May 16, 1953, Ms. St-Jacques holds a certificate in public relations from the University of Montreal. Diane St-Jacques has a daughter, Sarah Maude.

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