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Monday, Jun. 28, 2004

McCullock, William R

Quebec, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce - Lachine, Conservative Party of Canada

Bill McCullock was a municipal councillor for several mandates and was the mayor of Lachine from 1997 to 2001.

He is also a successful businessman and someone with profound family convictions. He understands that each and every one of us has dreams and aspirations. Bill is fluently bilingual. He did his elementary and high school studies in both official languages and obtained a bachelor’s degree in commerce from Concordia University (then Loyola College).

Bill was a restaurant owner and an entrepreneur in Lachine for over 20 years and has a deep affection for his fellow citizens in addition to a strong sense of civic duty.

He is married to Zoia Kaluska. The couple has two children.

Bill is a member of the Canadian Legion, the Knights of Columbus and the Great Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Lachine.

The citizens of Lachine, like those in all of Québec and the rest of Canada, have the right to be represented in Ottawa by a political party that reflects their ideals and their desire to see our elected officials show honesty and integrity.




B. Comm.

Double major: business administration and accounting (Loyola)



Two children

Member of the Canadian Legion

Contact: (514) 744-0003

Other Notre-Dame-de-Grâce - Lachine candidates:

Party L E T
Liberal 0 135 135
Cons. 0 99 99
BQ 0 54 54
NDP 0 19 19
Other 0 1 1
Total 0 308 308
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