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Monday, Jun. 28, 2004

Lapointe, Hélène

New Brunswick, Moncton - Riverview - Dieppe, New Democratic Party

· Born in the rural area of Kapuskasing, Northern Ontario, in 1955

· Moved to Ottawa in 1971; became a founding member of a food co-operative "Les cent associés"

· Received her undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa in 1979

· Married Valmond Cormier of Notre-Dame-de-Kent (south-east New Brunswick) in 1978 and moved to Shediac in 1980 and later to Moncton

· Involved in cycling on a local level, worked with the Jeux d’Acadie on regional and provincial levels, and became a member of Cycling NB’s provincial executive

· Organized the cycling competition during the Jeux d’Acadie held in Moncton in 1999 and was a commissioner for the National Road Cycling Championships held in Dieppe in 2001

· From 1996 to 2000, worked as a volunteer in the Greater Moncton Music Festival

· Took part in the organization of the national Acadian day events (Fête nationale de l’Acadie) in 1999 and 2000, serving as vice-chair and chairperson of the Dieppe and Moncton Comité du 15 août

· From 1998 to 2001, served as an elected official of the New Brunswick NDP and was chairperson of her riding association; elected provincial president of the New Brunswick New Democratic Party in 2000

· Since 1996, has worked for a small printing business in Dieppe

· Worked as a part time tutor for students with problems at the Saint-Thérèse-de-Dieppe school

· Lives in Dieppe with her husband, Valmond, and two children.

Other Moncton - Riverview - Dieppe candidates:

Party L E T
Liberal 0 135 135
Cons. 0 99 99
BQ 0 54 54
NDP 0 19 19
Other 0 1 1
Total 0 308 308
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