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Monday, Jun. 28, 2004

Ferguson, Don

Newfoundland and Labrador, Avalon, Green Party of Canada

Don Ferguson holds a Ph. D in mathematics and has taught mathematics and computer science at several universities in Canada and the U.S. for twenty-seven years. Now living in Alberta, Don’s community involvement ranges from being an active member of environmental groups and peace and nuclear disarmament coalitions to volunteering with Meals on Wheels. A longstanding executive member of the Alberta wing of the Green Party, Don was a provincial green candidate in Alberta in 1997, was a federal candidate in 2000, and was the principal author of the first draft of the 'Green Book' on policy for the Green Party of Canada.

Don has visited the province of Newfoundland and Labrador a number of times and has developed a great love for its natural beauty. From his knowledge of the people here, he feels that one issue of top priority for the district of Avalon involves the need to ensure access to public health care and to reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals for all Canadians. Further, in order to truly ensure the sustainability of the renewable resources of Newfoundland & Labrador Don says “we need to promote harvesting methods that recognize the limits of reproduction (i.e. reforestation, restocking of fish population)… we can achieve this by providing ‘green’ tax incentives for business and diversifying resource intensive industry through and with ‘green collar’ jobs.” On the national level, Don contends that Canada must remain a peace-loving nation and oppose military aggression wherever it may surface. One way to achieve this is to promote affordable tuition so that all Canadians have the opportunity to participate in post-secondary education. Don is looking forward to doing some hiking and whale watching while on the campaign trail in Avalon.

Other Avalon candidates:

Party L E T
Liberal 0 135 135
Cons. 0 99 99
BQ 0 54 54
NDP 0 19 19
Other 0 1 1
Total 0 308 308
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