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The campaign that was:
An annotated synopsis of the highs and lows of the election campaign, across parties and the country.

Photo gallery: A pictorial tour along the campaign trail.

Week One:
  • Chrétien calls election for Nov. 27  (Oct. 22)
  • The opposition reacts  (Oct. 22)
  • If there's no Day, it must be Sunday (Oct. 23)
  • Second day, second gaffe (Oct. 24)
  • Fiscally conservative, socially progressive' (Oct. 25)
  • Alliance: Another gaffe (Oct. 25)
  • ‘We've got an election race': Alliance gains in poll (Oct. 26)
  • Anderson set for a fight (Oct. 27)
  • Bloc vote is 'another trip to the dentist chair' (Oct. 28)

    Week Two:
  • What's so great about Catherine? (Oct. 29)
  • NDP would tax rich, help poor (Oct. 30)
  • Liberals scramble to ease Jewish ire (Oct. 31)
  • Chrétien launches platform, attacks Alliance on health care (Nov. 1)
  • The great fiscal divide (Nov. 2)
  • Health care questions haunt Day (Nov. 3)
  • Gauntlet down on health  (Nov. 4)

    Week Three:
  • PM challenges Day's stance on abortion (Nov. 5)
  • Clark calls Chrétien a liar (Nov. 6)
  • Day's plan found in secret paper (Nov.7)
  • Transcript of Time for Change (Nov. 7)
  • Rival leaders challenge Chrétien (Nov. 8)
  • Day's sign dismays spin doctors (Nov. 9)
  • Clark rides debate high (Nov. 10)
  • McDonough has company on home turf (Nov. 11)

    Week Four:
  • Alliance threatens Liberals with legal action (Nov. 12)
  • Chrétien evokes image of team spirit (Nov. 13)
  • PM accepts some blame for private health-care facilities (Nov. 14)
  • Tone it down, Chrétien tells all sides in campaign (Nov. 15)
  • Religious beliefs are fair game (Nov. 16)
  • Leaders go after Chrétien's departure comment (Nov. 17)
  • Chrétien fires back (Nov. 18)

    Week Five:
  • Attacks over hotel loan 'desperate': Chrétien (Nov. 19)
  • Alliance candidate quits over remarks (Nov. 20)
  • Ethics counselor clears Chrétien  (Nov. 21)
  • Prime Minister demands apologies (Nov. 22)
  • Wouldn't join coalition, McDonough says (Nov. 23)
  • Footsie and fighting free (Nov. 24)
  • Bloc threat needs a majority Liberal government: Chrétien (Nov. 25)

    The Vote and Aftermath:
  • Day uses infomercial for last-minute appeal  (Nov. 26)
  • Liberals secure majority, gain in Maritimes, Quebec (Nov. 27)
  • Liberals: Majority hat-trick (Nov. 28)
  • Quebec: Bloc falls short as Liberals gain (Nov. 28)
  • Tory: Party maintains official status (Nov. 28)
  • NDP: Retains official status (Nov. 28)
  • Alliance: "Not yet, not this time" (Nov. 28)

  • Commentary:

    Jack Kapica followed the election on-line with The Wired Voter, while Allan Gregg, John Duffy, Garry Aldridge, Stephen Harper, Jean-Marc Léger and Jennifer Smith contributed a running Colour Commentary.

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