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Last Updated: Tuesday, March 4, 3:51 AM EST

Conrad Black is seen here leaving through the front gates of his Palm Beach, Fla., mansion on Monday as he began his journey to report to the Coleman prison in Florida.

Could Bush pardon be Black's ticket out?

As the press baron's legal team puts finishing touches on his appeal, his lawyers aren't ruling out an intervention from the U.S. President

Black sentence: 'No one is above the law'

Judge sentences Lord Black to 6½ years in prison, $125,000 fine and forfeiture of $6.1-million

Black wins in suit against Sotheby's

Court finds firm acted improperly in N.Y. property sale

How David Radler helped Lord Black's cause

Giving him 29 months in prison, judge said she was surprised at plea bargain arranged between prosecutors and Black's No. 2 man

Will this be Black's all-inclusive destination?

Even low security at Coleman prison promises deep deprivation and crashing tedium

The future: prison sweats and menial labour

A Chicago court yesterday endorsed a Florida facility, but wherever he goes, Lord Black will need to be humble

'It could have been a lot worse'

All things considered, Conrad Black's sentence should have him heaving a sigh of relief, legal experts say

Lord Black's day of reckoning

Unrepentant since his conviction, fraudster learns his fate before a judge in Chicago on Monday

Defiant Black won't back down

Lord Black faces sentence Monday with same steely defiance he displayed throughout trial

Hard time more so for Lord Black

British citizenship means he's ineligible for minimum security and barred from some prison programs including early release to halfway houses

A picture of the beneficent Lord Black

Lawyers present court with roughly 100 letters of support from a variety of people, including former prime minister Brian Mulroney and rock star Elton John

Legal bill: $107-million to defend Black and company

Sun-Times Media Group has been obliged to pay 75% but may seek to recover money if convictions are upheld on appeal

Conrad Black's Empire

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Black Empire Popup

How Conrad Black made a name for himself

Who's who


Who's Who Popup

A guide to the players

U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald

Court documents

The People v. Lord Black

Key documents in the case

Conrad Black

Conrad Black

Black letters

Globe readers on the trial of Lord Black

Conrad Black

Earlier discussion

On trial

Reporters took questions on Black case

Conrad Black


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Security cameras capture Lord Black

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The other side of David Radler

Labelled a snitch and a rat, his credibility was worn down to a nub by Conrad Black's defence team. But that's all wrong, Radler's lawyers now explain in court filings. In fact, they argue, he's practically a saint

Black's pricey artwork lands on auction block

Sale comes after ownership issues finally resolved

Judge asked to approve plea bargain for Radler

Deal struck for turning on Conrad Black moves one step closer

Conrad Black's bid for new trial shot down

One of his lawyers gets a break though

Little fanfare accompanies U.S. publication of Nixon bio

Conrad Black's biography of disgraced former U.S. president Richard Nixon reaches U.S. bookstores

Disharmony among jurors could help Black appeal

But jury's conduct must be extreme to have impact, expert says

Border no barrier for Black's autograph pen

Disgraced media baron signs books remotely, using device conceived by novelist Margaret Atwood

Black must pay to keep one Warhol portrait

Judge approves settlement agreement that will see two others auctioned off to pay creditors

Black fights forfeiture order

Prosecutors filed order last month seeking to force Lord Black to repay part of the $17-million (U.S.) stolen from Hollinger International

From the Archives

Black in Print

Co-accused to play key role in Black trial

ANALYSIS: Atkinson, Boultbee and Kipnis must differentiate their cases, lawyer says

Black slaps author with $11-million libel suit

Claims biography portrayed Lady Black as 'hectoring, slatternly ... and a harridan'

Black pleads not guilty

Former Hollinger Int'l chairman enters plea against new criminal charges in Chicago

Black hit with new charges

U.S. prosecutors charge ex-CEO of Hollinger Inc. with racketeering and obstruction of justice.

Angered U.S. prosecutors threaten to revoke Black's bail

Black, wife keep a stiff upper lip

Defiant couple keep up social appearances as the legal dominoes fall

Lord Black is indicted

Press baron, three others accused in U.S. of pocketing $84-million

Black may have finally met his Waterloo

Napoleon admirer faces corporate exile

Editorials & Opinions

Editorials & Opinions

Blatchford: A governor embarrassed

Blatchford: Bizarre exchanges

Wente: The brilliant career of Mr. Sukonick

Seven years ago, Darren Sukonick was one of the hottest young corporate lawyers in Canada. But his ticket to the top turned out to be the client from hell — Conrad Black and the Hollinger group.

Blatchford: Don't judge ordinary folks

It's too easy to say the little guy is always jealous of the man at the top

Blatchford: The math doesn't add up

Wente: I was Conrad Black's boss

Margaret Wente was sitting across the table from Conrad Black when he decided to ask for a raise

Reguly: If Black's afraid, it doesn't show

Wente: What's up Conrad's sleeve?

Margaret Wente writes: On the eve of his trial, a supremely confident Lord Black has the prosecution in his crosshairs

Reguly: Mess could have been avoided

Black in print

From the Archives

Old saw doesn't fit Canada

Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan have won among the most unambiguous victories in their countries' histories, says Conrad Black

An A-plus to America's best-known B-grader

Ronald Reagan has already turned the tables on his critics. The challenge now is to show an ability to compromise, not just stir up controversy, says Conrad Black

Trying to reduce a permanent state of feverish tension

The arms control talks in Geneva have to move the Russians and Amercans away from old theories of deterrence that are no longer valid, writes Conrad Black

Trudeau's folly was oil, Mulroney's is banking

There are better ways to increase competition than by spawning a new class of bank with too little capital and too much red tape, writes Conrad Black

Ways of fixing up the upper chamber

A reformed Senate could better represent the regions and reward talent, says Conrad Black. And, if change is contemplated, how about a president of the Republic of Canada?

The alarming danger in the Nelles ruling

Why, Conrad Black asks, are civil libertarians not raising concerns over an Ontario court decision that Crown attorneys can't be sued?

Stripping the cant from matters of life and death

On issues like abortion and capital punishment, writes Conrad Black, we should be clear about what is involved and not paper the act over with clichés about choice and dignity

Our infatuation with the non-work ethic

When the rest of the industrial world is conservative by inclination and competitive by necessity, old shibboleths of the Left persist in this country, by Conrad Black


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