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Last Updated: Friday, October 12, 8:42 AM EDT

British explorer and endurance swimmer, Lewis Gordon Pugh, dives into the sea at the North Pole, July 15, 2007. Pugh swam one kilometre in 18 minutes and 50 seconds in temperatures of minus 1.8 degrees centigrade, wearing only briefs, cap and goggles, to highlight the impact of climate change (Reuters).

Welcome to the new climate

Climate change is no longer a vague threat. A new Globe polls finds that 4 out of 5 Canadians say they've seen it first-hand. We fear for our children and our grandchildren. We want action. We're ready for sacrifices. But what action?

Gore shares Nobel Peace Prize

Former U.S. vice-president, UN panel on climate change named for efforts to spread awareness on global warming

Edward Greenspon

The most important issue

Our year of going green officially starts today

Are scientists becoming climate crusaders?

Warnings of warming dangers have become increasingly dramatic

The fallout of global warming: 1,000 years

In stark terms, scientists confirm that climate change is 'unequivocal'


Climate change

Almanac 2007

Curious facts, dire warnings and inspiration.


Web exclusive

Fungus fear Popup

Map shows affected areas of B.C.


Web exclusive

Most polluted Popup

Audio, photos of world's worst-hit city, in China.


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What to do? Popup

Graphic: Save energy at home, save $$$

climate change

Web exclusive

Photo Gallery Popup

View the wacky world of climate change

global warming

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Warming 101 Popup

Graphic: The science of how it happens

North Pole ice

Web exclusive

Melting polar cap Popup

Graphic: View how North Pole ice may recede


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Fueling the fire Popup

Graphic: Melting ice leads to even more warming

Climate Change

Climate Change: Latest News

Emissions beyond ‘worst-case' scenario: scientist

World economic growth spikes levels of Greenhouse gases to levels not expected for another decade, leading climate change expert says

Salmon need help to survive climate change

Warming waters will render some streams uninhabitable as global warming takes its toll

Dragonflies, open water reveal rapid Arctic change

Evidence suggests dramatic changes are taking place at a faster pace than anyone imagined

Climate change top issue, CEOs declare

'Unprecedented consensus' among Canada's top business leaders has task force acknowledging need for emission cuts, higher energy prices

Climate change: The new talk of farm country

Unusually dry conditions fuel speculation that global warming is affecting crop conditions

The Great Lakes disappearing act

As all five shrink at an alarming pace, some people have begun to fear global warming is the culprit

Nations agree on plan to get rid of ozone-depleting chemical

Almost 200 countries sign on to freeze production and consumption of hydrochlorofluorocarbons

Greenhouse-gas reductions likely overestimated, panel says

But report supports government's stand that emissions will begin to go down in 2010

Harper heads to high-profile climate change summit at UN

Climate Change: Editorials & Opinions

How global warming goes against the grain

Experts worry food shortages triggered by crop devastation are a more immediate threat than flooding, Martin Mittlestaedt finds

Warming reveals Antarctic secrets

Expedition catalogues 1,000 species as melting exposes untouched inky waters

Climate Change: Online Discussions

Commentary: Climate change

Adapting to Australia's "Big Dry"

Jeffrey Simpson: The Sydney nudge: How green is my Harper

It takes some getting used to hearing Prime Minister Stephen Harper on the world stage claiming that Canada must be a “world leader” in combatting climate change

Ozone treaty

It offers insurance against climate change.

Commentary: Rich provinces trade hot air in emissions debate

Margaret Wente: The gods must be angry

Are we reaping the consequences of our moral as well as our environmental degradation?

Footprint: Will Live Earth hurt the planet more than help?

Combatting global warming not the stuff of rock concerts

Web-exclusive comment: The Arctic, the tropics and Ottawa

The global effects of climate change are felt first in the North

Margaret Wente: A 'questionable truth'

Most scientists now agree that climate change is real. But they disagree on nearly everything else about it, from its severity to its solutions. Globe columnist Margaret Wente argues that Al Gore and other advocates are confusing the public with ‘environmental alarmism.'

Jeffrey Simpson: The Greens are right

Use economic clubs to battle climate change


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