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Board Games 2008

Board reforms face crucial test

Graham Roumieu for The Globe and Mail

Top corporate directors say governance reforms will prove their worth or be exposed as posturing as times get tough

The double-edged sword of corporate altruism

Corporate boards that once confined their discussions to operational and financial issues are now facing pressure from all sides to embrace social responsibility as a core strategy. Sounds great... but define it, quantify it? There's the challenge

New blood gets warm greeting in Canada's boardrooms

Top-tier companies add new directors to their ranks

Nice governance score, shame about the structure

Primaris scores high in rankings with oft-maligned external model

Governance is at the heart of this market mess, law professor says

John Coffee in conversation with Gordon Pitts

Earlier discussion

Good governance and tough times

Join Janet McFarland to talk about this year's corporate governance rankings

2008 rankings

Boardroom table

How companies stack up in the 2008 survey

The breakdown: Rankings, composition, compensation, shareholder rights and disclosure


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Companies improve their disclosure

As reporting gets better, more reach top tier

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Trust boards: The new 'Wild West'

There are few rules and fewer standards

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Income trusts under the spotlight

They could be doing a much better job

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Crisis management on the agenda

Companies realize it pays to plan for the worst

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Corporate Canada opening up

The largest companies make big improvements

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How the best companies do it


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