Dirt clings to Franks, and that's just fine with those he leads
By Paul Koring
March 20, 2003
General hailed as 'muddy boots' soldier, but he's an enigma to most Americans
Thursday, March 20, 2003

Can the United Nations survive?
By Barrie MacKenna
March 15, 2003
Even George W. Bush's supporters admit his diplomacy is crude. But his White House believes it is calling the United Nations back to its original, forceful purpose -- American domination included.

Saddam's Bark and Bite
By Stephanie Nolen
November 16, 2002
After months of defiance, the bogeyman of Baghdad suddenly told the UN its weapons inspectors are perfectly welcome in Iraq. Is this a true change of heart or the latest gambit by a cold-blooded despot determined to stay in power?

The Emperor Changes Clothes
By Doug Saunders
January 25, 2003
Two years ago, George W. Bush was widely seen as an illegitimate, simpering puppet. But when he gave his State of the Union address, it was as perhaps the most powerful president ever. The question now: What kind of man is he, really?

The new French resistance
By Alan Freeman
March 1, 2003
At the heart of France's high-stakes fight with the United States over war in Iraq is the unusually close relationship between President Jacques Chirac and his Foreign Minister, Dominique de Villepin.

Iraq unbound
By Stephanie Nolen
February 22, 2003
You don't picture amusement parks, free elections and a (mostly) free press in the nation of Saddam Hussein. But that's reality in the 12-year-old Kurdish autonomous zone. Now, the Kurds are willing to give it all up -- to get rid of their enemy in Baghdad

Washington counsels Syria to say 'whoa'
Washington is doing its best to spread the whoa effect to other regimes

Countdown to War

Key Events since the Gulf War

Canada in the world: heading back up?
The moment is overdue for Canada to do some big thinking about its role in North America and the world, writes Drew Fagan

Stick around, Uncle Sam
Given its tricky neighbourhood, Iraq can use a really big, strong protector until the place gets cleaned up, says Iranian journalist Amir Taheri

'Iraq Will Soon Be Liberated'
Text of a Joint Statement on Iraq Issued by President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair

President Rallies Troops at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa
We have an effective plan of battle and the flexibility to meet every challenge. Nothing -- nothing -- will divert us from our clear mission

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